One day a husband and wife decided that the impending future of 9-5 jobs,

a consumption based lifestyle,

never-enough-time schedules,

once a year vacations,

and a ships passing in the night marriage just wasn’t for them.


So they both gave up their paths of achieving more letters behind their name,

cleaned the slate of all the  “shoulds” for their future,

and re-imagined their life from the bottom up.

The bottom being their deepest values and vision of the world they wanted to live in

which became the foundation of their life design plan.


That “one day” happened to be the day the pee stick said surprise, you are pregnant.


And the result of that day has become the ever evolving bold family project we call

The Chittle Homestead.


Hi, we are the Chittles….Tessa, Ian and little Aza. We are first time parents and first time homesteaders experimenting in parenting, entrepreneurship, growing our own food, raising animals, upcycling, crafting, DIY home remodeling, and becoming self sufficient. 

As we co-create this bold family project, we gather what we learn, add a dash of reflection, beauty, and expertise from our backgrounds in life coaching, business, mindfulness, and marriage and family therapy, and voila we present to you the brain children of a bold husband wife team.


We hope these resources will allow more folks to jump off whatever hamster wheel they may be on and design their own version of a bold life around THEIR values….whatever that might look like to them.


We believe that we each create the world by how we live our lives. Therefore, we deeply stand for each human living the life that models the world they want to live in.


Here’s what we got so far…lovingly from our family to yours…


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