Meet our Baby Chicks and Ducklings!

  Since this video was made, we got one more chick, sola, who is a buff Orpington….and we have become suspicious that “lily” is in fact a rooster in which case we will call him Delaware or “dell” for short. Stay tuned for our blog about what we learned about brooding chicks and ducks so […]

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Get Vitamin D for Happiness and Productivity

The Low-Down on Vitamin D for Happiness and Productivity As a Mental Health Counselor living in the Pacific Northwest (with long cloud-covered winters), I often help people overcome depressed mood and feeling stuck in inaction. ┬áVitamin D is an often overlooked contributor to unhappiness and a lack of productivity. After several days of clouds, rain, […]

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Mindfulness of Rain

The rain is coming down today. I used to hate the rain when I was a kid, uncomfortable getting wet and having to stay inside for recess. These days, I quite enjoy the rain, albeit I still prefer to be inside a comfortably warm house. I was slightly nervous about moving to the Seattle area […]

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