Get to know us {for reals!}

  Hello! We are super busy parenting, homesteading, crafting, and figuring out how to earn a living through doing what we love. While we enjoy blogging, right now we are finding that we sometimes only get around to it every few weeks (or, lets be honest, sometimes months!). However, we have found it easy and […]

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Moving Towards Family Food Sovereignty

  Food is kind of a big deal in our household. We eat a lot of it, we try to eat local and organic, and we prioritize this at the expense of buying other things. We value food that has less pesticide and oil under its wings because we believe it is healthier for us, […]

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When you gots lots of tomatoes….

There’s more to this tomato trellis than initially meets the eye… After months of digging up thick sod to make room for veggies, it was tempting to make a quick run to Home Depot to buy metal cages for tomato transplants. Shaking and beating patches of well-established grass to release the soil for veggie transplants […]

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Why I Live in A Manufactured Home {and how I make it pretty}

I never thought I would live in a manufactured home…..the cottage cheese walls, plastic sinks and countertops, and fake wood cabinets just did not fit my obsession with pretty homes pinned on my Pinterest board. When I found out I was surprise pregnant my husband and I had just signed a year lease to a […]

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Grass to Garden Experiments Part 1: Hugelkulture

We have ALOT of lawn. Like 2-3 acres of it. That’s a lot of mowing! We would like to turn this grass into things that nourish us as well as the system of plants and animals we are creating on our homestead. And we would like to avoid the aforementioned mowing Most Americans have lawn. […]

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Meet our Baby Chicks and Ducklings!

  Since this video was made, we got one more chick, sola, who is a buff Orpington….and we have become suspicious that “lily” is in fact a rooster in which case we will call him Delaware or “dell” for short. Stay tuned for our blog about what we learned about brooding chicks and ducks so […]

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