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Tessa Chittle is a certified coach offering health coaching, life coaching, and business coaching via phone and in-person sessions. Through guided design and strategy work with her clients, she supports people in bringing their way of living, eating, and earning income into alignment with their values so they can feel more momentum and connection in their life, family, health, and business.

But who is Tessa really?

wpid-Photo-20151115141305041.jpgTessa is a Revolutionary Life and Business Strategist; Homesteading Mama; lover of upcycled DIY creations, delicious farm to table food, and beautiful design; and a visionary of collaborations. Her brain was made for hearing your strengths and values, & brainstorming big visions for them. She is also the practical strategist with a knack for timelines, outside the box thinking and making those overwhelming projects, long to-do lists, and technology busywork suddenly become simple.  IMG_4712

When you see the world through her eyes, everything feels possible & it finally becomes clear how to create what you want in the world … whether it be a business, a community project, an alternative life, or an income-earning farm.


On a visit to the homestead, you can expect her to serve you homemade snacks, a tasty beverage, and a dose of inspiration as she points out her most recent DIY home decor project and walks the land with you sharing some permaculture tidbits about the plants you pass along the way. She may seem like a Martha Stewart type, but she will get real with you on the realities of mamahood, marriage, entrepreneurship, and living and you will soon be sharing more about yourself than just your business questions. Although she works with any person wanting to stand for the world they want to live in through how they live their life, as a mom herself she especially loves supporting mamas and families in life design and mindset shifts that bring joy, fun, peace, financial stability, time, and connection back to the day to day. It’s important to her that mama’s are given space to have a voice in the world….and maybe earn a little income on the side too! Whether or not her clients ever want to have a veggie garden and chickens themselves, she believes that the homestead is a perfect metaphor for bringing more creativity into our lives, thinking outside the box, and strengthening our MAKING muscles (ie the empowerment to create something from nothing rather than seeking our solutions in the consumer marketplace).

Tessa is also deeply passionate about food….really tasty food and also making it work for the health of your body and for the planet! She banned diets long ago (after years of body battles and emotional eating!) but still cooks gluten-free, dairy-free, and healthy without sacrificing a bit of her love for food. In working with people around food and health, she hopes to bring joy back to eating, take out the guilt, and instill the food ease that comes when you are eating in alignment with your values and body.


You can book a free phone consult with Tessa here!


What would you like to Re-Design in your life?

My Food!

The Values “Diet”: The best way to finally stick to your intentions of healthy eating or losing  weight is to get clear on your values through writing a manifesto so eating becomes not just about just what you look like or even how healthy you are but also about what you are standing for in the world. We will work together to turn your unique manifesto into a way of eating that feels aligned and totally natural for you to do forever!

Gourmet Anti-Inflammatory Eating: Transform your cooking and eating experience so you can eat gourmet indulgence every day even while eating gluten free dairy free, and low sugar …. (Or any other food shifts your body needs right now). Together we will build customized recipes lists for your unique food needs (as well as your favorite food dreams/cravings!) and work through any issues that come up in transitioning, shopping and cooking in this new way.

Breaking free from emotional eating: Finally find freedom from calorie counting, diets, food guilt and the body jail you have been living in so you can experience peace and joy with your food (and model healthy eating relationships for your kiddos!)


My Life/Family/Business!

The Manifesto : Write a life manifesto or family manifesto to get clear on your values, connect as a family/partnership, and feel more aligned in your life and/or business.

The Bold Life Project: Expand creativity, start homesteading, live differently, become trash-free, go tiny, travel the world, organize a community project….or whatever other big move you are inspired to take to live in alignment with your values. Do it on your own or involve the whole family! Then create a way for you to share your story through blogging, videos, social media, speaking, or maybe even writing a book. It will be the beginning of so much momentum in your life and/or business!

The Bold Business – Start the nitty gritty of turning an idea into reality, tell your bold life project story via social media/blogging/article writing, get clarity around programs and pricing, make your farm or project more visible, create pretty graphics, learn the techy stuff, or design a way to earn a living around being a mama/traveler/homesteader.  I offer “in-the-trenches with-you” strategy, inspiration, and creation for your business, farm, or community project so it can gain momentum, be seen, and feel aligned with your values. Let’s brainstorm how you can earn a living through living your best life!


Private Coaching Details….

Format 1: For long term accountability and support 

3-4 month program

10 sessions (1 hr each via phone)

… clarity on values and vision – The WHY

… hash out the details & strategy – The HOW

… confront blocks, fears, & issues that come up

…email support for feedback, resources, & mid-week freakouts

PLUS, a 2 night farmstay weekend at the homestead –

….in person coaching

….cooking classes

…mindful eating

….re-set with crafting, meditation, beach walks, farm animals, hands in the soil, and nourishing food,

….in the trenches life/business creation and brainstorming

Special Price for summer 2017!!!

$2000 or 4 monthly payments of $500


Format 2: For intensive creation and boosts of inspiration.

Book 4 hours of focused time at the homestead (or via phone) to brainstorm your business, learn a new design/website/social media or other techy skill, write your life manifesto or family manifesto, learn to cook, or have a break-through around any place you are feeling stuck whether it be your food, career, relationship or anything else. Includes a prep call, so I can customize coaching curriculum, and follow-up call to check in about a week or two after the intensive.

Special Price for summer 2017!!! 



Format 3:

A single phone session for brainstorming and breakthroughs.

Special Price for summer 2017!!! 



Want to learn more or ready to get started?

The next step is to book a free phone consult with me here to chat about designing YOUR private coaching program!





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