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Meet Ian Chittle

Ian is a Solution-Focused and Mindfulness-Based counselor with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, who rocks out to punk rock music each morning with his daughter, is currently obsessed with building an aquaponics system to feed his family year round, and makes food taste magical, especially when it is pizza and comes out of a wood-fired oven.

On a visit to the homestead, you might find him in the kitchen cooking, in the garden watering, out in the shop experimenting in his workshop or on his computer researching his next project….because he has no idea how to do any of this homesteading stuff and has more experience being an academic then a mountain man. But if you get him talking about environmental sustainability and supporting the modern family, you will soon hear his fierce dedication to simple, conscious, and mindful living that treads lightly on the planet and escapes the all mighty force of over-consumption.

Schedule a FREE phone consultation with him to discuss his Mindfulness is Manly Program, Revolutionary Fatherhood, family dynamics/communication, anxiety, depression, and addiction recovery. Click here.


Meet Tessa Chittle

wpid-Photo-20151115141305041.jpgTessa is a Revolutionary Life and Business Strategist, Homesteading Mama, Igniter of movements, lover of upcycled DIY creations and beautiful design, and Visionary of collaborations. Her brain was made for hearing your strengths and values, and brainstorming big visions for them. She is also the practical strategist with a knack for timelines, outside the box thinking and making those overwhelming projects, long to-do lists, and technology busywork suddenly become simple. When you see the world through her eyes, everything feels possible and you know how deeply valuable you are in the world.

On a visit to the homestead, you can expect her to serve you homemade snacks, a tasty beverage, and a dose of inspiration as she points out her most recent DIY home decor project and walks the land with you sharing her visions for the homestead. She may seem like a Martha Stewart type, but she will get real with you on the realities of mamahood, marriage, entrepreneurship, and living and you will soon be sharing more about yourself then just your business questions. Her current passions as a new mom herself, is supporting mamas and families in life design and mindset shifts that bring joy, fun, peace, financial stability, time, and connection back to the day to day and allow mama’s to have a voice in the world. But she loves supporting anyone who wants to turn their life into a Bold Project that stands for the world they want to live in.

Schedule a free consultation with her to discuss Revolutionary Life and Business Design or strategy, Homestead Planning, Tiny House Design, Revolutionary Motherhood, The Manifesto, The Bold Life Project, The Bold Family Project. Click Here.




Meet Azalee Chittle


Aza is the master of the chickens, overseer of seed planting, and resident mixer of all salad dressings or other things in need of mixing. She spends as much time as possible OUTSIDE….carrying chickens around the homestead, running across the meadow, collecting leaves, stuffing berries in her mouth, and munching cucumbers, carrots, beans, or kale from the garden. Indoor time is mostly spent with an endless stack of books, carrying her stool around the kitchen to help cook, showing off her dance moves on top of the coffeetable, and chasing her dog. Her strengths are in the realm of observation, making her parents laugh, and keeping us all present to the beauties of nature and life.


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Here is the story of how we came to be first time homesteaders and first time parents in the same year.

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