Words for my one True, Aza

The sun goes up

The sun goes down

The world it spins

Round and round.

The snows it comes

The rain it goes

And bright moonlight

We all know.

The meaning can,

Sometimes fade

Into the unknown

Very gray.

Yet, with you here

On my chest

Sleeping sound

Im your safety vest.

As we age

We grow and change

Inevitable, as they say.

The moments pass

Although we grasp

They slip away

Into another day.

The way we cope

Hold onto hope

Though bittersweet

We can only joke,

And as days pass

Oh so fast

All we can do

Is let go

Of the past

And snuggle up

As long as it lasts.

All that matters,

Most to me

Is you and mommy

And our family.

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