When things feel impossible…how can I make things more fun?

I have learned in the last few days that Aza has a fussy period in the late afternoon/early evening. The first few days this happened I was distressed. I walked her around as she cried, seemingly in pain from digestion issues, not knowing if I should feed her more, burp her more, or bounce her more. I got stuck in an anxious state of “oh my god she is hurting and I cant help her” and “oh my god this means she has colic and is going to cry uncontrollably for the next 3 months….I can’t handle that”.

Well one day during this “fussy” time of day, Ian put on some swing music and I started to do the swing step with Aza in my arms. She cooed, her eyes opened wide and she stopped crying. Then a latin song came on and I began to dance salsa all over the dining room. She loved that too. We did this for 45 minutes….mom got her first exercise since the birth and Aza seemed happy and in less pain.

So I started thinking of other ways we could make this “fussy (for baby) and anxious (for mom) time” more fun and pleasurable for both of us. Yesterday we took a bath together and Aza laid on my chest propped on her hands like she was sunbathing as I splashed warm water on her back. Then we swayed her in the water on her back and she happily kicked her little legs. Afterwards we got in bed and snuggled to get warm. Aza was so relaxed after this that her fussy, gassy time never even really came up!

We have also found if we go for a drive, Aza is more settled…AND Ian and I get quiet time to talk and look at the beautiful Northwest scenery around us!

Lastly, another example of choosing love by making “hard” moments more fun……when we are starting to feel overwhelmed, anxious or annoyed with each other, or if Azalee seems fussy and agitated, we strip Aza down to her diaper, take off our own shirts and get in bed together to snuggle with lots of skin contact. We have been told this calms a baby and yet we are also finding it greatly calms us as well. Aza just lies between us and coos and laughs and makes her happy noises and faces. All of us find presence and remember how much love we have in our family and how perfect each of us is just as we are. The frustrations and overwhelm melt away.

{Action for all Revolutionaries!} Anytime things feel like a struggle, ask yourself how can I make this more fun and pleasurable?

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