What’s coming up in 2017 at The Homestead? {& pics of my kitchen remodel}



This winter has been the coldest I remember in my last few years here in the Pacific Northwest. Each day a frosty white hue washes out the homestead landscape and brings a stillness to the leaves and grass blades as they are frozen into a place.

Walking out on the homestead to break the ice on the chicken and goat waters, I breath in the stillness knowing that what appears to be still and quiet is actually filled with movement, changes, and intention as nature readies herself for Spring.  I breath in the chilly air so I can embody mother earth’s amazing ability to be so busy and yet so still… Accomplishing so much yet without a look of frazzle, stress, or frantic movement.

Instead, she moves with such intention, commitment, and confidence in her creation of the world that huge things can happen quickly yet not feel rushed.

I find these days that my life mirrors the nature around me.

This winter for me has been one of deep creation but also a new stillness and presentness…. A feeling of patience, alignment, and a knowing that the vision is unfolding organically. It feels possible to act boldly, move with intention, and yet at the same time feel slowness.

The things I want to stand for in the world are flowing naturally from the daily life that I live.

I have been quiet. Not telling the stories I usually do on social media. But just like nature’s winter, what seems still on the outside is actually filled with movement, changes, and intention under the surface as we Chittles ready ourselves for spring.

A few announcements about creations sprouting at The Chittle Homestead…


– The “New” Kitchen –

Wonder what a homesteader keeps herself busy with during the winter season? Building a new kitchen to get ready for a season of harvesting, cooking and canning of course! We have transformed green plastic laminate countertops into the farmhouse kitchen of my dreams….all DIY, all in alignement with our values of sustainability and re-use, all for less than $1000. This kitchen project will be featured next month in Perpetual You Magazine and I will also be writing more about it over the next few weeks but here is a sneak peak:

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– The Tiny House Farmstay –

It’s official. After many starts and stops over the past year, the building of the Tiny House Farmstay will be completed for it’s debut April 2017 at our first annual Sustainable Easter Egg Hunt! The loan is closed, the design finished, and building is commencing. You can pre-book your stay (a donation to our gofundme campaign entitles you to a spot anytime in the next three years so you can support the project but you don’t have to have exact dates for your visit) or wait for official booking to open up in the next month. Check out The Farmstay options and get on the booking mailing list here!There will be some great deals for those able to come out in our first two months (April and May) so keep your eyes out for our emails and start planning a late spring Pacific northwest trip!

– The 2017 Workshops & Events –

Last year we tested out the idea of doing monthly workshop gatherings at the homestead, and they all sold out! So this year we continue with bringing people together to learn and connect and eat delicious farm to table food. Check out our list of workshops & events for 2017 & be sure to register early!

 – The Homestead Membership –

We don’t sell farm food, we create farm experiences. When you become a member of The Chittle Homestead (in Gig Harbor, Wa), your share of the harvest won’t come in a CSA box of produce delivered weekly. Instead it will be served up in the form of gourmet farm to table food around farm tables for our events, harvest dinners, and monthly workshops …

Both individual and family memberships include access to all our monthly workshops (and all the workshop handouts delivered virtually if you can’t attend in person!) as well as events such as The Sustainable Easter Egg Hunt, The Summer Campout, and the Harvest Farm Dinner. Members also receive big discounts on Farmstays (making it worth it even for those long distance folks not able to come to many workshops!), the option to have their owngarden plot at The Chittle Homestead, and member only you-pick opportunities. Plus, every dollar of your membership goes to supporting homestead projects that cultivate community, sustainability, and people creating their lives to taking a stand for the world they want to live in. Learn more about homestead membership options here.

 – The 2017 Manifesto Workshop –

First up on the workshop list…

New Year’s resolutions are so 2016. Let’s start some New Year’s REVOLUTONS! Curl up in coziness at The Chittle homestead for a day of journaling and value based goal setting so you can stand for the world you want to live in through how you live your life in 2017! Come as an individual, couple, or family and leave with a manifesto that will guide your year into full alignment, clarity, and effective action towards your very own Bold Life Project and the causes that matter most to you as a citizen of this planet. Oh and there will be tasty farm to table food as always :). Register here and register now!

– Garden plots & The Seed Starting Party –

There are so many benefits of bringing diverse plants and diverse people together. Therefore, we would like to invite yearly homestead members to cultivate your own garden plot at the Chittle homestead where they can grow their own food or flowers within our food forest and with the support of the community and shared knowledge at The Chittle homestead. Get the support, space, and knowledge to grow your own food! Whether you grow at The Homestead or in your own yard, check out The Seed Starting Party to learn, eat, and bring more community into your life!

If you have any questions or ideas for us, please reach out! We look forward to growing things with you this year….in the world and in the garden.

From our family to yours,
Tessa, Ian, Aza

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