Tree Guilds


Permaculture Workshop: Tree Guild Workday

Saturday October 22, 2016 – 9-1pm

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, bulbs, and perennials…and all these come together perfectly when you plant a tree guild made up of plants that work together to help ensure their health and productivity. At The Chittle Homestead we have 16 fruit trees that are surrounded by grass. Grass is not a good friend to trees so we want to dig it out and replace it with plants that work together with the tree to promote health and create a mostly edible food forest beneath the canopy of the fruit trees. We will teach you the basics of the permaculture concept of tree guilds and fall tree/bush/bulb planting. Then provide you with an array of plant starts/bulbs and let you loose with to create your very own tree guild around one of our fruit trees. We will also eat a farm meal together (bring your own picnic and we will provide lots of special treats from the homestead too!) and maybe even do a little yoga in the meadow.

It’s a workday. It’s a workshop. It’s a moment to gather in community and put our hands in the soil together. Did you know soil has microbes that act like antidepressants ? So yeah, it’s also a therapy session.  🙂


Breakfast- Apple cider donuts (gluten free!), hash brown quiche with seasonal veg, Apple pie overnight oats, homemade chai/mulled cider/pumpkin spice lattes.

Lunch – roasted  squash soup with sage and hazelnuts, fresh baked gluten free bread, kale salad, and secret farmstay treats 🙂

Space is limited. Please sign up below to hold your spot and be notified when further info is available.

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