The REAL Reason To Book Your Farmstay…

I read a book over the weekend titled: “The Emergent Agriculture: Farming, Sustainability, and The Return of The Local Economy” and felt deeply inspired to write to you about the REAL reason we are creating The Farmstay at The Chittle Homestead….


This week I am starting a daily sharing practice on Instagram and Facebook titled “50 Reasons to book your Farmstay at The Chittle Homestead” where I want to show you all the visions i have for what this Farmstay experience can be for a family, a mama, an entrepreneur, a couple, a solo traveler, a foodie, a homesteading/agriculture/diy enthusiast, someone craving comfort or adventure or creativity….or simply a life pause to reset.


I hope to illuminate what The Farmstay can bring to all our experience of living and to the strength of our communities…local and virtual.


This series will range from stories of icecream on a boat dock after a day of kayaking and a secret place to get a glass of wine overlooking your own private cove of the puget sound … to a description of watching a child collect fresh eggs for breakfast or what it feels like to craft for a weekend without any other responsibilities… and even a story or two of deep vulnerability about the importance of space for a mama to create, for marriages to reconnect, for families to engage in co-creation.


And it is deeply important to me that each of these experiences exist in the world….


But I realized, as i read the aforementioned book this weekend, that there is one reason that I want to highlight above all else because it is so deeply in my heart and underlies everything we do here at The Chittle Homestead.


The biggest reason you may want to book your Farmstay is if you believe in supporting the small family farm along with the values that come with that… land stewardship and ethical animal husbandry, real/local/healthy food that cultivates health in both our bodies and for our planet, a family using their own hands to live outside of the current food system, and a renewed emphasis on the quality of both our food and our community relationships.


Maybe you participate in a CSA box each season? Or frequent the farmers market? Or choose from the organic section of the market? Or whatever values guide your intentional choices around the food that goes in your mouth.


Maybe its because of the health reasons (did you know that a study at UC Davis found that fruit and veg lose 50% of their vitmain content in normal transport to the grocery store? OR that an actual free-range egg not just one labeled that way on the store shelves has one third of the cholesterol, one quarter of the saturated fat, 67% more vitaim A, 3 times the vitamin E, twothirds higher omega-3 fatty acid levels and 7 times more beta carotene than the typical USDA eggs labeled cage free? Or that commercial chickens and cows can barely walk at the time of slaughter),


or the environmental ones….I’ll spare you my soapbox


or because of the personal relationships….you like to talk to the person who grew your food when you buy it and experience that indescribable feeling we all crave of being a part of community and connected as closely as possible to nature. (The book argues that the community experience created by the small farm model is equally important as the sometimes more talked about effects on health and environment.)


We hope that some of you will choose a Farmstay for these same reasons…along with all the reasons that makes this a great vacation and a great way to grow your business, live by YOUR values, or connect as a family!


For we are a family farm… Trying out a new model for how to support ourselves in living this way.


We choose this life consciously even though there are many other paths where we could make more money and do less work. We choose it because we want to step outside of current food system and instead be a part of the “new emergent agriculture and local economy” where quality of food, experience, craftmenship, and relationships matter.


For us, we want to live a life daily that increases the number of bees and butterflies on our planet, maintains open spaces for robins and bunnies to frolic even as suburabn sprawl rises up everywhere else, builds the soil rather than depletes it, harnesses the rain water, produces nourishing food, and creates space for real experiences of community that remind us all of our interdependence with those around us.


This dedication to our values runs deep into everything we are creating around The Farmstay…from the food we serve to the homemade mattresses people lay their heads on free from off gassing chemicals.


We feel no desire to change others to live as we live for we know each of us have valuable crusades we have been put on planet to stand for.


But this is OUR crusade and we quietly pursue it fiercely in each action we take.


So that no matter if our guests are as gung ho as us on these visions or not, we are making it simple, convenient, and pleasurable for them to embody these values for their weekend visit even if they themselves don’t even notice that the mint in their mojito came directly from our garden.


Everyone will stand for that which means most to them and they will do it in their own unique way and as a coach all I want to do is help them stand fiercely for that which THEIR heart is called to stand for. For we each have our own role.


We have chosen a less common role for our participation in this emergent agriculture movement….we are not offering CSA boxes of vegetables or growing enough quantities to go to farmers markets. Instead our vehicle for delivering vegetables to people’s plates and farm experiences to their hearts is through THe Farmstay. We arent selling artisanal bread, homemade jams, or goat milk soaps to local restaurants or boutiques but instead creating a whole experience around these types of products… on a small scale, in a tiny modern farmhouse.


We sat down to brainstorm how we could contribute to this movement in reinventing how food gets to the mouths of the world and given our unique skills as coaches, counselors, facilitators, teachers, workshop leaders….and my deep love for decorating long farmtables with flowers and homemade food to create beautiful connecting experiences, we decided on The Farmstay being the vehicle through which we would stand for all that we beleive in.


We simply want to create a space for people to experience a beautiful small farm and the food and community that comes from it. Because tasting a fresh picked tomato or preparing a meal together in commuity will effect you in whatever way it is meant to effect you and your unique lifestyle and life journey…But it is an experience I think we are all craving for a reason.


This is what our small family farm looks like.


We know you most likely choose your food intentionally. We are offering up a moment to choose your vacation intentionally too and support your small farm in a totally new way 🙂


Here’s how you can do that….


If you have not already, I encourage you to join in the fun we are having in The Farmstay Giveaway happening in the month of April….you may win a free farmstay weekend and in the process you are actively being a modern day Barnraiser for all we are creating at The Chittle Homestead.


Let’s use this as a moment to connect and have fun! Please reach out and introduce yourself…and lets jump into this month of The Farmstay Giveaway together so that The Farmstay books out when we it launches in May!


“As we search for a less extractive and polluting economic order, so that we may fit agriculture into the economy of sustainable culture, COMMUNITY becomes the locus and metaphor for both agriculture and culture” – Wes Jackson, Becoming Native to This Place


From our family to yours, thank you deeply for being in this with us!


Tessa Chittle









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