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A few weeks ago, Ian and I sat down in a coffeeshop for our first baby-free time in 2 years. Yeah, it had a been a little while. We looked at eachother over our lattes with a giddy first date focus. But we are not here for the first time. We are familiar with this practice of reintroducing ourselves to get to know eachother on a whole new level….to check in on where eachother’s values, strengths, visions and dreams have been drifting since our last sit down. We are here with the intention of re-choosing our life….taking a step back from the day to day, looking at it all as if for the first time, spending time checking in with ourselves and eachother around what we really want to stand for in how we live our lives, why that’s imporatnt to us and how to make that tangible in our day to day experience.

We are here to re-write our Manifesto:

The document that guides every action we take here on The Chittle Homestead…… from our daily to-do lists to how we spend our money to the big projects are working towards.


With a background in both entrepreneurship and non-profit management, I have been apart of many busuiness plans, vision discussions, and mission statements.

These documents are important for a business or non-profit because they:

  • Set the foundation for what the organization is standing for in their work and how they are going to get there.
  • Get everyone who is involved on the same page
  • Make it easy for any community member who comes into contact with their organization to understand what the company is all about.
  • Serve as criteria to come back to when deciding what actions to take and which projects to say no to…..bringing the focus of time and resources to the actions that clearly support the organizations values, strengths, and consciously chosen visions.

Yet, not many people have such a document for their life….or for their family. And it seems equally needed because:

  • The most important way we can stand for what we believe in is in how we live our lives and so our life is a very important project just like a biz or non-profit.
  • Often all the members of a family are not on the same page.
  • Our schedules and our homes are bursting at the seams with tasks and things, and we never feel like we have enough time or money because we do not have a guide as to what our priorities are and therefore what to say “no” to.
  • In our personal or family life, we often don’t have a formalized process to check in on our values, desires, visions, progress nor a space to communicate them to people around us so we are left feeling out of alignment and without clarity or direction.
  • Often we live in a state of millions of ideas and choices, but very little movement forward towards any one vision.
  • We may feel really passionate about things in our lives but have no structure to make our day to day action reflect those things we believe in nor a platform to share with the world what we are standing for in how we live our lives, therefore we have little accountability, community or momentum around those things that are most important to us.

What is a “Life” or “family” manifesto?

  • Your manifesto is a statement that sums up what you stand for in the way you live your life.
  • Your manifesto reflects your current values, strengths, passions, focus areas, visions, projects, style, views of the world, and desired lifestyle. It also lays out how these become tangible in your daily actions.
  • Your manifesto may change and evolve over time which is why this manifesto writing process is not a one time thing and can be revisited every year or whenever things have shifted in your life.
  • Your manifesto will be brought together in a visual or written format that becomes displayed in a prominent place in your home for you to reference in creating a deeply aligned life or perhaps it is even made public as a way for you to model your way of living and be held accountable by your community.
  • Your manifesto is short and concise so that it can be easily referenced when you are making choices in your life or need inspiration. However, it may become the basis for other written pieces, videos, or other works that go into more depth on each aspect of your manifesto.

Why have a Life manifesto?

Your manifesto can be looked to as criteria for making daily choices…to do or not to do, to buy or not to buy.  It gives you a “why” for the actions you are putting in your calendar and a “why” for the things you choose to say no too. It provides structure to your goals and timelines because you see how each goal and step flows from your deepest values. When you don’t know what action to do next or what direction to go, you look up to the manifesto on the wall for guidance. Similarly, it provides a place to look to find common ground with a partner or a family member, and it serves as a reminder of what your life is about when all seems hopeless.

It’s like a business plan for your life….a structure to guide your actions towards a vision that is based in your values in this moment. A business may reassess and change course from its 10 year plan, but each time it changes course it consciously restructures its business plan….so all involved know what actions now matter most and why…..So that focus can be brought to the day to day.

When you have a manifesto, it becomes the foundation for sharing what you are up to with the world and this opens doors for momentum. Whether this momentum creates accountability for you to live more in alignment, or creates a supportive community around you, or invites in opportunities to speak from the stage, write books, start a blog, launch a program, or otherwise create something that may support you financially through living the life outlined in your manifesto.


Your manifesto is not just about the final product. It is also about the PROCESS that you go through to produce this document. Whether you are an individual, couple, business partnership, family, entrepreneur or bold change maker, the process we walk you through for writing a manifesto brings clarity, focus, alignment and momentum to whatever it is you want to create in your life. You get to know yourself, your partner, your family members in a way that makes shifts happen.


How this process works

The activities in this guidebook will take you through exercises that will get at the three aspects of your manifesto:

Part 1: Your Values

Part 2: What you stand for

Part 3: Your strengths

In part 4 you will be guided through how to bring all these aspects into a concise written work. We provide a suggested structure for your written manifesto and offer suggestions for expanding this structure to incorporate your unique strengths and style so that it can become something of profound use to you in your daily life and you can proudly display in your private space as well as share it with the world.
In part 5, you will brainstorm what bold life project brings this manifesto to life and into the tangible world by embodying your values and honoring your strengths. This is the beginning brainstorm of your BOLD LIFE PROJECT that creates a clear structure for you to live an aligned life and take a stand for the world you want to live in.

Bonus: When you purchase The Manifesto guidebook, you will receive a 1 hour strategy session with Tessa Chittle (value $250). I would love to spend an hour with you on the phone to help you:

  • Work through any of this manifesto process where you are getting stuck
  • Offer any resources to help you turn your manifesto into a graphic, video, article, blog, etc.
  • Brainstorm with you on how to take this manifesto out into the world as part of your Bold Life Project or Bold Family Project
  • Strategize with you around how your Manifesto and Bold Life Project can translate into momentum for your business, movement or community project.


Note: This page is under construction. The Manifesto Guidebook will be available first through our KICKSTARTER campaign in May 2016.

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This is an amazing process of self reflection to work through on your own, but what makes The Manifesto Guidebook different then so many programs out there is that this can be incredibly powerful to do with your partner, family, or as part of your business planning.

Why do this with your partner?

Most often a member of a romantic partnership does a workshop or program or coaching without the other one. They get all this clarity and do all this growth and yet feel their partner is not a part of the journey with them. Having both partners coming together to get clear together allows for a feeling of “being in it together” and leads to collaborative action being taken which moves you closer to your vision more quickly. Also, we often assume we know each others values or motivations but keep running into conflict around similar places where we don’t fully understand where eachother are coming from. A conscious process and structure to explore and share our motivations and values can give us more clarity as individuals and as a couple. Jump into something together as a way to connect, communicate, learn about eachother, and find clarity

Why do this with your family?

It’s amazing how much doing something big together as a family can foster connection and communication. Think about the wealth of conversations this process will give structure for ….around the values and strengths of each family member, around creative ideas to use resources or make income. Have the foundation of your family mission to guide family decisions and focus your resources. Some things this process is set up to model to your children….communication, listening, empathy, realizing the different ways people think and process, the power of creative, outside the box thinking, the importance of honoring your values, passions, and talents, conscious mindful action rather than following societal patterns and our own autopilot. It fosters a mindset that allows your kids to grow up seeing opportunity and their utilizing resources and skills to create health and happiness for themselves and their community.

Why do this for your business?

I find the manifesto to be the document I turn to when I am making a business choice or finding clarity about my next steps. It helps me keep my “to-do” list focused and therefore much less busy. It helps me see opportunities in which living my best life is the best way to grow my business instead of building a business model that takes me away from the way I want to be living. It helps me to be clear, focused, confident in how it all fits together.

Living our daily lives by our values is how each of us changes the world and it is how you build momentum for the movement you are creating in the world! When people can see what you stand for in the way you live your life, not just in the realm of your niche message but the total gift you bring to the world through your existence, they are drawn to you. When you are clear, happy, bold, and confident, people are drawn to you. When you are acting in alignment with your deepest values, people are drawn to you. Momentum is created for your work. It is marketing through living.

Why do this using this guidebook?

The Manifesto Guidebook was created as a brain child of our husband-wife team based on the many conversations we have had ourselves each time we are sitting down to design our lives, reconnect, find clarity, and plan next steps.

Ian Chittle, LMHC is a Solution Focused and Mindfulness-Based Counselor with a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. He brings his years of work and study in the realm of solution focused therapies, family dynamics, mindfulness, and behavior change methods. His role in The Bold Family Programs is supporting families as they work through communication difficulties, family patterns and roles, and habits that don’t serve the larger family manifesto and action plan. He also works specifically with men around pattern change through mindfulness.
Tessa Chittle is a Revolutionary Life & Business Strategist  and certified coach with years of experience in entrepreneurship, non-profit management, and group visioning. Her special super power is identifying the talents, resources, and values of an individual or family. As part of The Manifesto and other Bold Family and Revolutionary Entrepreneur Programs, she is the main coach guiding folks in turning these values, talents and resources into a tangible project, life design, or business through building momentum around their project, identifying opportunities/partnerships/ funding, and busting through fear to expand possibility.


Take a moment……What might the manifesto process do for you, your family, or your business?

Moments in life that this may be particularly good for…..

Relationship transitions

Career or business transitions

The start of your business




Family re-boot…..that moment your teenager stops talking to you, your husband and you are fighting more then you are talking, mama is feeling antsy at home and ready to add in some more passion projects to her day.

Life re-boot….when the daily experience is grueling, confusing, or overwhelming and you can feel something is out of alignment

Moments you know in your heart that it is time to do things differently.


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