The Bold Visual Workshop

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Many folks have been asking me about how I create all the graphics and visuals I use on my website and in social media. I am honored that people noticed because expressing beauty in all that I do, including my business, was a big focus this year that came out of my personal life manifesto writing process.


At the beginning of the year, I had no idea how to create a graphic and I have to say, it is a very freeing feeling to know that now any time I want to express myself visually or create a quick graphic for my latest class, blog, ebook, or program….I can do so easily and quickly without waiting on any designer or website guru.


I am no branding or graphic design expert, but I invite you to join me on this call where I will share exactly how I create the graphics I use to visually represent myself …


I will be sharing the tools, apps, and methods I use myself to create daily graphics on Instagram as well as all the graphics on my website including…

  • photo editing

  • photo sourcing

  • photo taking techniques

  • putting text on pictures

  • making cool graphics with text

  • photo collages or before/after side by side comparison photos

  • putting together quick videos or slide shows

This will allow you to start playing with….

  • Making your own e-books

  • Beautifying your Instagram feed

  • Easily updating your website with your own graphics when you have a new program, signup box, or blog

  • Or just creating pretty things for fun 🙂


I will also share the questions I ask my clients, and myself, in determining the bigger visual theme you want to create as a consistent statement of your values and style.


I love breaking all the rules in marketing and branding…so I give you permission to choose a strategy that works naturally for you and serves as a vehicle for your creativity rather then being a burden on your full expression for the sake of marketing effectiveness.


Because I believe that in the end, self expression of ones own beauty will beat out any perfected marketing strategy. Plus, the process of creating will be a whole lot more fun when you let go of all the rules!

Join The Bold Visual Workshop call this Thursday June 9th, 10am PST

#1 Sign up with your name and email below….. (recording will be provided to those signed up!)

#2 Email YOUR questions about creating graphics, tech, or other things related to representing yourself visually to There are no stupid questions. I still remember when I was literally stumped by how everyone knew how to put text on a picture.

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