The Revolutionary Entrepreneur

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We remind eachother that learning, living, making an impact, and supporting ourselves financially are not separate tasks.

– The Chittle Manifesto

The Revolutionary Entrepreneur does business differently. She is tired of business formulas and sales secrets and wants to get back to what this is really all about…

Changing the world and living the life she wants. 


Manifesto (16)

The Manifesto Guidebook

The first thing every Revolutionary Entrepreneur needs is a Life Manifesto.

Living your daily life by your values is one of the highest forms of self care. It is also one the boldest ways you can take a stand for the world you want to create. AND it is the most effective way to build the momentum in your business that gets your work seen in the world. It is marketing through living.

Your life manifesto is the document that creates focus, flow, clarity, momentum, and purpose.  Watch what happens when you walk around your daily life fully aligned. It opens the flood gates for boldness (and a little magic) to happen.

Schedule a free chat with Tessa to talk about writing your Manifesto…. 



Dubai, UAE - March 2013The Bold Life Project

The day to day actions we take add up to the sum experience of our lives. And it is the sum of all our lives that create the world. When you live your life boldly as a stand for the world you want to live in, momentum is generated around you…. momentum for your own happiness AND momentum for your big project, business, or organization.

The Bold Life Project gives you the structure to be fully committed to your values and share it with the world! And who knows, you doing something boldly to live by your values (travel the world, eat local for a year, selling all your stuff and moving into a tiny house, cooking a new healthy meal for 360 days, going tech free on weekends, secretly writing little inspiring messages on bulliten boards in your neighborhood…),  may become a book, a blog, a challenge, a community, a program….or just an idea and a movement that goes viral.

Lets chat about what your BOLD LIFE PROJECT might be and what it might do for your life and your business…..grab a free brainstorming spot in my calendar.


TheRevolutionary Life & Business Strategy Phone Consultation

Strategic Life and Business design….for when we need a business strategy that is built individually for us rather then for the masses. For when we need to talk to a real live human who is in the trenches of creative brainstorming with you. For when technology, fears, or comparison stops us in our tracks. For when we need to stop spinning our wheels and have someone help us see the SIMPLE path to what we want to create.

Schedule a chat with Tessa to talk Revolutionary Strategy…. 


The Revolutionary Living Club

Find your peeps in this private facebook group for entrepreneurs doing life and business differently. Feel less alone in your journey, share your work, ask tech questions, get feedback, make friends who think like you. Includes a free and sales-free RL community call…panel discussions, interviews with experts, coaching, masterminding, meditations. A variety of formats and topics to support The Revolutionary Living Community in creating Revolutionary lives and businesses. Also, a platform for your work to be seen through opportunities to speak, lead groups, collaborate on retreats, guest blog, etc.

Join The Revolutionary Living Club for free by signing up at The Revolutionary Living Institute (a platform and group co-founded by Tessa Chittle and Kimberly Johnson).

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