The Chittle Tiny Home Kickstarter

Here is a sneak peek preview of what will be our Kickstarter Campaign page once it goes live March 1st 2016 (video coming soon!). Sign up below to get on the list to be notified first when pre-booking is open!



We believe in long farm tables in the orchard covered in delicious fresh picked food and surrounded by mamas talking creation or entrepreneurs talking collaboration or families brainstorming what their bold family project is going to be.

Dream big we are told. Work hard. Achieve. Change the world.

But who says dreaming big is about making more money, living in a bigger house, having more facebook friends or instagram followers, making partner, or getting famous. Living a “big” life doesn’t even have to mean being seen by anyone.

The biggest stand we can take for the world we want to live in is in the small actions of our day to day existence. The Bold Life Project we engage in every day.


Hi! We are The Chittles, creators of The Chittle Homestead… And we are dreaming big by choosing small.

  • A smaller income that allows for a wealth of time.
  • A smaller house that allows for a wealth of connection.
  • A smaller footprint on our planet to allow for self-sufficiency and security.
  • And the creation of smaller boutique retreats and farmstay experiences. So that we can have a big impact on creating the world we want to live in one family, one entrepreneur, one partnership, one mama, one papa, one kiddo, one zucchini, one beautiful farm to table meal, campfire s’more, and intentional weekend vacation at a time.

Introducing The Chittle Homestead Farmstay: a time out from life to create your life…learn a skill, connect as a family, craft your heart out, grow your business, eat from the earth….in a tiny house.



Small is intimate. Small is real. Small is slow.

Small is quiet. Small is peaceful.

Small allows for the whispers of your heart to be heard

and gives space, time, and money

for that which is most important to you.

We want The Chittle Homestead Tiny House to be a place for individuals, couples, entrepreneurs, and families to come experience “doing things differently”.

We want you to take a break from your busy, hectic schedule and savor a slower pace of life with a farmstay at the homestead, and then bring that calm back to your life along with the permission and plans to boldly create your own version of “living by your values” whatever that may look like for you.

We believe your revolutionary business or bold life project can grow and flourish from “in the trenches” brainstorming sessions with Tessa around a campfire or overlooking our flower meadow with a cup of tea or just taking a time out to stick your hands in the soil and breath in its earthy wisdom.

We are excited for families to explore our aquaponics system with Ian, to learn how fresh fish and vegetables can be grown in an efficient and productive system to feed a family, and for kids to know where eggs come from, see a goat being milked, and experience the taste of a tomato picked straight from the vine with their own chubby fingers.

We believe there is deep education and value in kids wandering through our forest feeling the texture of fallen leaves and scouring under fallen logs….while their mamas get some space to take a break, connect with other mamas, or create something that brings their voice out into the world.

We believe we all need to sometimes take a weekend to fully immerse ourselves in our own creativity through crafting, upcycling, learning a new art form, or rediscovering an old one that we haven’t given space to for awhile.

We believe vacations shouldn’t just be an escape from a life you have to return to, but serve as an intentional reflective moment, with oneself, partner or family, to consciously choose the life you are going back to.

We know you will feel the magic of our small piece of land as you sit around a rustic farm table in the apple orchard, with twinkly white lights above, your feet rooted firmly on the earth below, sipping local wine and eating fresh roasted chicken and vegetables you picked from our garden.

We believe in community and co-creation….and that families, couples, individuals, and entrepeneurs can connect, collaborate and create in a bigger way, on our small, modern homestead….in a tiny modern farm house


Oh yeah, we believe in pretty things, yummy food and good coffee too 🙂





Our Story

When we found out we were surprise pregnant 3 years ago, we were both busily going after more letters behind our names while racking up the school loans and using that to justify why we couldn’t buy organic food even though the thought of our food system made our blood boil. We just had to get through all the hoops and THEN we could live by our values.

That day the pee stick said pregnant, something shifted. Living a life not by our values in pursuit of some idea in the future, no longer made sense.

The impending future of 9-5 jobs,
a consumption based lifestyle,
never-enough-time schedules,
once a year vacations,
and a ships passing in the night marriage just wasn’t for us.


So we quit our grad programs, bought 6 acres of land in an area we could afford, but had never been to in our lives, and started to homestead.

As new parents there was a sense of wanting security. But security to us meant something different than the mainstream.

Security did not come in the typical form of a 6-figure income from a job that could be lost at any moment, a life where we had to wait for vacation to actually see eachother, and a retirement fund that a stock market crash could wipe out.

Security for us meant our lives were designed to provide a wealth of time and space to actually live our values daily. It meant reducing consumption and expenses to a level that we could cover them without dependence on any specific job, and the confidence to create anything we need ourselves whether it be the food we eat, the energy we consume, the toys we play with, or flexibility for our ever evolving marriage, family, creativity, curiosity and experiments. This to us feels like freedom.



What we have done so far

In two years we have planted 12 fruit trees, dug up a lot of grass, planted approx 5000 sq feet of vegetables, eaten a lot of zucchini, made a rather dingy manufactured home into a cute farmhouse, fixed a broken barn wall…. And raised 8 chickens, two ducks and a beautiful little farm girl. All DIY, all on the cheap, all according to our values. We were able to do this because we have made the homestead our “job” by designing our life to be sustainable on a 5 figure income so that we can both work half-time….Ian as a counselor and Tessa working from home in her coaching business.


Why we need help

This land has touched us deeper than we could have ever known (seriously, everyone who comes here can feel it’s magic) and this mission to live in harmony with the land in a self sufficient way has become a value entrenched in our souls. We want to go further with making this homestead our “job”….diving head first into all the permaculture, aquaponics, diy building and home decor that we have no idea how to do but that fills our souls! The problem is we are not really farmers. We don’t envision ourselves making our money off CSA boxes or farmers markets. That is not our zone of genius ….at least not yet. As a bold husband/wife counselor -coach team with years of experience in helping people tap into their values in ways that improve their experience of living, here’s what we think we are good at:

  • Our genius is making spaces pretty and inspirational and serving up delicious healthy comfort food from the farm.
  • Our genius is talking real, seeing people’s strengths when even they don’t see them and painting a vision of how they could make a living and life out of living by their values and being exactly who they are.
  • Our genius is teaching a mindful way of living, even for parents with young kiddos
  • Our genius is helping families and partners connect and communicate and co-create
  • Our genius is facilitating groups, creating curriculum, and bringing together mentors and teachers to provide a whole learning experience.
  • Our genius is in creating experiences that change people’s whole approach to living so when they return from their intentional vacation they return to a whole new life where living by their unique values is possible…..even if they live in a mansion and never ever want to have chickens.
  • Our genius is strategy and boldness, and a love for beautiful design.

So this husband wife team sat down to brainstorm through our Family Manifesto writing process, how do we become financially sustainable through standing for the world we want to live in and offering our zone of genius?

The answer came in a whisper from Tessa’s childhood of off-grid, tiny, unconventional living: A tiny house.

Well designed, beautiful, functional, and inspirational. Small. But not so small that only a single 20 something could live in it. Beautifully designed to work for families and small groups (think girls weekend or intimate work retreat) to have boutique and intentional vacations.

The Chittle Homestead Farmstay: a time out from life to create your life…learn a skill, connect as a family, craft your heart out, grow your business, eat from the earth….in a tiny house.

The tiny home incorporates so many of our values. Lessening our environmental impact. Creating beautiful and functional design. Being close as a family. Reducing expenses to create financial freedom.

At the same time, the tiny home will provide an ongoing source of income for growing the homestead and create space for others to springboard their bold life projects whether it be through a weekend of creation, crafting, or connecting as a family or partnership.

With our tiny home and homestead, we can create experiences that are more effective in shifting lives then any counseling session and therefore leverage the deepest impact we can have through one family, one entrepreneur, one beautiful farm to table meal, one campfire s’more, and one intentional weekend vacation at a time. And thus create the world we want to live in.



The design of the house

From my extensive research into tiny homes (yes, I have a slight obsession!), one thing I think is missing from the market is an affordable tiny home that is functional for families with children. Yeah, it’s pretty easy for a single bachelor to live in a tiny house of any design but as someone who lived myself in a tiny home with my family as a child, it takes some clever design to make a tiny home work for a family with kids. I mean, a family needs at least one closet right? and who wants toddlers or infant-touting mamas trying to navigate ladders and lofts? And why should families be left out of this movement of finding freedom from mortgages and bills? With all the stresses of modern parenting, families need this option more than anyone! So I wanted my tiny home to be able to offer an experience to families of living small while experiencing the farmlife or connecting through learning a homestead skill or co-creating their Family Manifesto or Bold Family Project.

Also, as a business strategy coach I work with a lot of amazing folks who want to offer retreats so I wanted to create a model of how to use a tiny home for intimate boutique retreats that buck the ever growing trend in the self help industry of moving towards “bigger, higher priced, and more automated” which misses out on the power of intimate connection to heal individuals as well as the world.

For these reasons, we are working with Tiny Living Homes in Vancouver, BC to design The Chittle Tiny Home specifically to work for families and small groups including stairs instead of ladders, comfortable gathering spaces, privacy, extra sleeping space, storage, etc. It is planned to sleep up to 8 people in tight quarters so people can gather up their friends to share the cost of their visit, families can come out a connect in a farmstay experience, and coaches can bring out small VIP groups for intimate boutique experiences.

In line with our values of self-sufficiency, sustainability and also beautiful design, the home will be off-grid (solar power and rain water catchment) but will have all the luxuries…. hot water, lights, heat, full kitchen for cooking, full indoor bathroom with a composting toilet (don’t worry it is doesn’t smell at all and is better for the environment!).

Here’s a draft of the Tiny Home Plans as they stand in this moment (design tweaks still being made!):

The Chittle Homestead Floorplan – Draft

Here are some pictures of other homes built by our builder of similar style but different floor plans:

12446211_520335478133821_472815751_n IMG_5400

A photo I was inspired by for our floorplan:


To see more of our vision visually,  check out our Pinterest boards.

Imagine with us…

The Tiny House Style.

The Farmstay Breakfasts, Meals, Treats & Fancy Beverages.

The Farm dinners in the orchard.

A crafting weekend at The Homestead.

Future Projects at The Chittle Homestead.


We invite you now to pre-book your farmstay with us!

Have you ever paid a farmer ahead of time for a box of their crop each week throughout the growing season? Well, we are the modern farmer and this is a tiny house CSA. You pre-book  your vacation (or grab one of our other prizes to give you an experience of the homestead in person or from afar). Your prepayment via the kickstarter campaign will give us the funds up-front to build the house, and then you get to come out and enjoy it! Our first year of having the tiny home will be focused on “paying back” our kickstarter supporters through offering them amazing experiences on the homestead!

We believe that by pre-booking your farmstay at the Chittle Homestead, you are committing to a time-out from your life that will reset your experience.

At the same time you will be making this vision of The Chittle Homestead all become possible.

Ready to CHOOSE YOUR Chittle Homestead Farmstay?!

Here are your options….plus other awesome kickstarter donation prizes:


1The B&B

You wake to a faint rooster calling. You gaze at the tall trees out one window and since you are in a loft it feels as if you are swinging in their branches. Out the other window the dew is glistening on the field of flowers as the sun peeks over the trees. You leave your feathery nest and make your way down stairs to a wall of windows. As you fill your tea kettle you see the sheep are waking too across the meadow. You sip your tea overlooking the homestead and imagine the breakfast soon coming to you …..the smell of fresh roasted coffee and the comfort of food from the very land on which you now sit. The day beckons with total freedom for all your heart desires…. long beach walks, kayak adventures, and shops filled with antiques. You feel alive, connected, inspired. Man, this is what life is all about.

Pre-booking donations for The Bed & Breakfast:

$250 – 1 night (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$450 – 2 nights (up to 5 people, includes breakfast) plus an elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + gourmet s’mores campfire.

The HomesteadThe Homestead

Upon waking and eating a hearty breakfast from the homestead, you meet with the Chittle family to tour the homestead and learn about the days activities. Feeding the chickens, ducks, and sheep, collecting eggs, milking sheep, watering the garden and harvesting ….veggies, fruits, nuts, berries. Depending on your interests and the time of year, some other items on the agenda might include making sheep cheese, preserving the harvest (canning, drying, freezing), learning about the aquaponics system (maybe catching a fish for dinner!), baking bread (gluten free!) or some other yummy thing, pruning trees, mowing grass, scooping sheep poop…if you really wanna be a farmer 🙂 If you’ve brought the kids along, they will have endless fun picking up chickens, playing in the forest, picking their own veg and fruit, and swinging on our swings. Once chores are done, head to the beach nearby, grab dinner in town, and come back to gourmet s’mores around a campfire.

Pre-booking donations for The Homestead:

$500 – 1 night, 1 day of private farm workshops on topics of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$800 – 2 nights, 1 day of private farm workshops on topics of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfasts)  plus an elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + gourmet s’mores campfire.

The Craft The Craft

This is the moment to indulge deeply in those crafts you have pinned on your pinterest board. Bring your girlfriends or hubby or make it a mother daughter weekend, send me which crafts you want to make and your craft table with all your supplies will be waiting for you along with your cozy little tiny home on a homestead that will foster your creative genius during your visit. Feel what it feels like to create with time and space and all the inspiration you could want. Be nourished by food grown on the homestead, stroll the flower gardens, take a trip to the beach, say hello to the sheep, laugh at the chickens as you drink your beverage of choice…a cocktail, wine, tea, or cup of hot cocoa. Just an idea….bring your bridesmaids and make all the decorations for your wedding (and maybe even pick some flowers for your wedding bouquets!)…your wedding can cost less and be pinterest worthy. And what a bachelorette experience of wine and gossip around a campfire after a day of sitting around crafting….way better then drunk dancing on tables at the club 🙂

Pre-booking donations for The Craft:

$500 – 1 night, 1 day of craft instruction & supplies (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$800 – 2 nights, 1 day of craft support & supplies (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)  plus an elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + gourmet s’mores campfire.

The BoldThe Bold

Ever need a time-out from life to get clear, get inspired, and figure out how to do things differently? Whether it be parenting, marriage, business, or life, sometimes things just need a pause button and the Homestead offers that moment of peaceful intentional pause. Engage in any of our coaching programs (The Manifesto, The Bold Family, Revolutionary Life Design Strategy, Business Strategy, The Bold Life project) in person on the homestead. Do it solo, with the love of your life or bring the whole family for some deep re-connection back into what is important to you, what inspires you and what your next steps are to make it all feel simple, joyful, and fun again. Maybe even grab some fellow big dreaming girlfriends or revolutionary mamas for a retreat. The beautiful gardens, slow pace of life and expansive beaches nearby will ground you to the earth for focus and clarity and offer quiet spaces to hear what your heart is trying to tell you. Your Chittle Coaches are here to offer you the personalized structure and resources to turn that whisper into an actionable plan. This is truly a vacation with intention.

Pre-booking donations for The Bold:

$1000 – 1 night + 1 day of coaching with focus of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$2000 –  2 nights + 2 days of coaching with focus of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfast) + stocked fridge of homestead grown goodies.


The Food Revolution

The Food Revolution

When food has become an exhausting foe to battle each day, you may want to come for a visit to the homestead to reset your relationship to food and body. For a weekend or a week, stop dieting or cleansing or even using your brain to select your food choices. Instead, surround yourself with foods in unprocessed form, engage in sensual slow eating, and connect with your food and body on a deeper level. You will discover how this burden of food and body hatred can be transformed when you start EATING and LIVING in alignment with your values. Pull your food from the earth rather than from plastic packaging that has calories counts and health food claims on it eat. Eat whole healthy food that actually tastes good and treat yourself to an indulgence in food in a whole new way than your pint of ben and jerry’s.  Get clear on what you want to stand for in the world through what you spend your food dollars on…a powerful form of voting with your fork while also integrating a new set of beliefs that will guide your food choices based on your values rather sugar grams or a dread of fat rolls.

Pre-booking donations for The Food Revolution:

$1000 – 2 nights, plus guided mindful-slow meal harvest and prep (up to 5 people, includes all your meals)

$2000 –  5 nights plus guided mindful-slow meal harvest and prep (up to 5 people, includes all your meals)


The VacationThe Vacation

Design your own mix of NW adventure, farm activities, coaching, crafting, luxury, learning, business, and fun. Want us to book you a family kayaking trip? Wanna basket of fresh food to cook your own dinner in the tiny home kitchen or a picnic to take to the beach? Craving a game night with a bottle of whiskey? Looking for a place to bring a small intimate group for creative brainstorming or retreat? Interested in a unique bachelorette party experience or girls weekend? Or maybe you want to go deeper as an apprentice in some project we are doing on the homestead. You will fill out a form (where we have lots of clever ideas for you!) telling us all about the experience you want to have at the Homestead and we will provide a customized price quote. Believe me, just filling out the form is fun.

Pre-booking donations for The Vacation:

$5000 – 5 day VIP Vacation or individualized group retreat (up to 5 people, all desired meals included) – design your perfect mix of coaching, orchard dinners, picnic lunches, Pacific NW adventures, farm activities, crafting…. plus receive all our VIP treats.

$10,000 – book a week every year for as long as we are renting this tiny house and we will give you the VIP treatment every time! Like a tiny house time share 🙂

Quick tip: You can have up to 5 people in any of these experiences so split costs by bringing  your family, gathering a group or bringing your own VIP clients out with you! And check out the perks you can get such as an elegant farm dinner in the orchard, campfire s’mores, and sunset cocktails when you up your donation a bit.



The Location

Whatever farmstay you choose, your free time will be in the beautiful Gig Harbor, WA, a quaint old fishing village upcycled with gourmet restaurants, antique shops, breweries, and wineries that is 1 hour south of seattle, close to many beaches and state parks, a skip and a hop to the Olympic Peninsula, and surrounded with opportunities for outdoor activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, farm touring, and hiking.

Click here to learn more about The Homestead and surrounding area!

Or check out our Pinterest board of things to do around here.


wpid-Photo-20151116144522334.jpgimage wpid-Photo-20151116144521051.jpgwpid-Photo-20151116144522184.jpg


Other Kickstarter prizes

(many that don’t require a trip to the homestead):

$25 – Your name will be included in our recognition project displayed near the tiny house plus we will buy 1 fish in your honor for our aquaponics system (included at all donation levels >$25)

$50 –  We will plant a new berry bush or other perennial edible for our permaculture food forest on The Chittle Homestead. A decorative brick with your name on it will allow you to take a nibble from your plant on your next visit to The Homestead!

$100 – The Manifesto Guidebook (downloadable)- Write your own mission statement for living….do it alone, with your partner, or with your whole family to get clear, get connected, and make a statement about what you are standing for in the world with how you live your life.

$150 – The Chittle Homestead Coffeetable book (printed & sent by mail) – beautiful pictures of farm life and the Pacific NW with a few select quotes, recipes, and other musings direct from our family to yours.

$200 – a 90 minute life and/or business strategy consultation by phone with Tessa to discuss your Bold Life Project, Kickstarter campaign, Life Manifesto, small business or project, or tiny house design!

$250 – One entry to an in-person daylong group class with us or one of our guest teachers on topics such as aquaponics, composting, canning, crafting/upcycling, slow cooking, meditation/yoga, medicinal herbs, cheese making, etc. (exact topics and dates to be announced). Includes group farm-to-table meal served in the orchard meadow.

$350 – Two entries to an in-person daylong group class with us or one of our guest teachers on topics such as aquaponics, composting, canning, crafting/upcycling, slow cooking, meditation/yoga, medicinal herbs, cheese making, etc. (exact topics and dates to be announced). Includes group farm-to-table meal served in the orchard meadow.

$500 – an assortment basket of local goods mailed to your home (artisan crafts, handmade beauty products, & fcoffee/tea related goodies). Plus 2 tickets to a farm event of your choice anytime in the next 3 years…the VIP farm dinner party, homestead workshop, or summer campout!

$1000 – 1 month Revolutionary Life/Business Design or The Bold Life Project Coaching Program (by phone and email with Tessa). Plus 2 tickets to a farm event of your choice anytime in the next 3 years…the VIP farm dinner party, homestead workshop, or summer campout!

$2000 – 2 month Revolutionary Life/Business Design or The Bold Life Project Coaching Program (by phone and email with Tessa), Plus 2 tickets to a farm event of your choice anytime in the next 3 years…the VIP farm dinner party, homestead workshop, or summer campout!



Our Fundraising Goals

$50,000  – is the magic number that will allow us to get the basic structure of the family friendly tiny home built and functioning. However, at this level of funding we will need to do some work ourselves which could delay a few features and the overall timeline of accepting guests.

So we are hoping to meet our stretch goals that will allow us to get not only the house done more quickly but also some of the other projects we have planned to make your homestead farmstay an even more amazing experience…


Our Stretch goals….

$65,000 –  Will allow us to build the tiny house completely off-grid and totally luxury from the beginning….Full solar power, rainwater catchment, wood stove, fully decked out with Tessa’s rustic industrial farm chic design. Plus, this will allow us to fence in our goat/sheep/llama/pig family and start our organic flower farm and medicinal herb garden…all of which you will be able to see from your tiny house window. Plus, we will get our aquaponics greenhouse experiments up and running for year round produce and fish for your farm orchard dinners!


$85,000 – Will allow us to complete all of the above plus take on our next project of building a covered gathering space (reclaimed barn, sustainable cob or strawbale building, or perhaps a yurt) with commercial kitchen for food prep and classes and a wood fired pizza oven (cob building workshop anyone?). Doing these stretch goal projects will allow The Chittle Homestead to offer classes to larger groups for a wider array of activities especially in rainy weather when yoga, meditation, farm to table dinners, and coaching in the meadow just ain’t gonna cut it.

This also would allow other coaches and experts to more easily use the space to offer boutique workshops and retreats so if you are a coach, call in your tribes and help us create this communal space just an hour from Seattle!

For everything we do we share our learnings in some way…workshops, tutorial videos, blogs, etc. so the more projects we can do the more learning we can put out there!


The Detailed Budget (for those interested!):

(Note our tiny house builders are located just across the boarder in Vancouver Canada so prices are based on current exchange rate).


The Chittle Homestead
Tiny Home Budget For Kickstarter
$ CAD $ US (x 0.71 $CAD)
Base Model $49,000.00 $34,790.00
Build Modifications
French Doors $550.00 $390.50
Stairs $2,100.00 $1,491.00
Wash/Dryer Combo $2,600.00 $1,846.00
bathtub $200.00 $142.00
Murphy Bunk Bed $2,500.00 $1,775.00
Compost Toilet $1,400.00 $994.00
Storage $400.00 $284.00
catwalk $600.00 $426.00
Ceramic farm sink $350.00 $248.50
solar conduit $150.00 $106.50
Paperwork costs:
Transport $1,200.00 $852.00
Border fees $700.00 $497.00
Registration $1,000.00
Other costs:
Solar power system $2,000.00
Rain water catchment $1,000.00
Painting interior $300.00
site preparation $500.00
Decor/bedding/furniture $500.00
Cost Savings
Delay Washer/dryer -$2,600.00 -$1,846.00
Do exterior siding/floors ourselves -$1,500.00
Total Costs $45,796.50
Kickstarter Fees (approx 9%) $4,121.69
Total budget with Fees $49,918.19
Stretch goal expenses
Expanded Solar and rain water catchment $2,000.00
Efficient washer/dryer combo $1,500.00
Don’t do exterior siding/floor ourselves $1,500.00
Outdoor sitting area, shaded work space, deck $500.00
Sheep fencing/home $2,000.00
Flower & medicinal herb garden(irrigation, bed prep, seeds) $500.00
aquaponics materials $2,000.00
Group gathering/workshop space $20,000.00
Outdoor kitchen and wood fired pizza oven $2,000.00
Additional Stretch expenses $32,000.00
Additional Kickstarter fees (approx 9%) $2,880.00
Total Stretch Budget $84,798.19



The Project Timeline


January 2016:

  • Find our supporters, partners, collaborators, sponsors and other lovers of what we are up to.





IMG_3021February/March 2016:

  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • Orchard Pruning, seed ordering, and garden planning
  • Craigslist hunting for aquaponics set up, sheep/goat fencing, and tiny house build supplies 🙂
  • 20 new chickens (for our first year of meat raising), new chicken house and fencing.




imageApril 2016:

  • Start Tiny house Build with Tiny Living Homes, Inc
  • Start Taking Reservations from those who prebooked Farmstays or Homestead classes through donation.
  • Start our veggies indoors
  • Dig more veggie beds and fence around the garden
  • Prizes redeemed: Manifesto Guidebooks, Coffeetable books/stationary sets, phone  strategy sessions and programs.



May 2016:image

  • Plant vegetable garden
  • If, I mean when, stretch goals are reached, get aquaponics system set-up, fence in our new baby sheep/goats, first attempts at a small flower farm, medicinal herb garden and edible perennial garden.






  • Finish up tiny house on site – decor, siding, flooring, solar panels, site prep, rainwater catchment, deck, clawfoot tub under the stars, outdoor sitting area, etc.






wpid-Photo-20150424112809098.jpgAugust 2016 – Forever

  • Prizes redeemed: First Farmstay Visitors and group Homestead Classes
  • Keep collaborating to create a beautiful homestead space that fosters connected families, sustainable slow living, gatherings of mamas/entrepreneurs/creatives, outside-the-box thinking, connection to the land and our food, creative entrepreneurship, and empowered kids and adults who can create anything they want in their lives whether it be food, toys, decor, income, or vision for a lifestyle & gift to the world.






We believe we need to turn the norm on its head.

  • The norm of crazy busy schedules that don’t allow for home cooked meals, long walks, or spontaneous giggles.
  • The norm of our children, those that we raise and those within our own souls, being disconnected from nature, animals, the soil, and the food that comes to our table from it.
  • The norm of waiting…and waiting for the day we can live by our values.
  • The norm of families and partners separated by miles of technology, huge houses, and separate lives.
  • The norm of sustainable living being inconvenient and even illegal!
  • The norm of mamas feeling lonely or like they have no space to create or have their voices heard.
  • The norm of entrepreneurs competing rather than collaborating and always feeling the need to buy someone else’s template, make 6 figures, charge more money then anyone can afford without mortgaging their houses, and always believing bigger is better.
  • The norm of families feeling stretched and insecure, even if they work their butts off.
  • The norm of people not being able to sustain themselves doing what they love.
  • The norm of our dependence on a model of consumption in every area of our life…food, toys, selfcare products, business trainings.
  • The norm of our school system not teaching the things that are most important to to my child’s happiness and the improvement of our world.
  • The norm of our food system increasingly getting more harmful to our bodies and our planet.
  • The norm of people feeling disempowered from choosing and creating their lives.

We believe the American Dream is in need of re-imagination and The Chittle Homestead Tiny House Farmstay can be the space where people do the re-imagining.



A Modern Day Barn Raising…for a Tiny House

Just like homesteaders throughout history need some help from their neighbors to get through the season…through barters, and trades, and pre-payment for the season’s bounty, and an extra pair of hands to raise the walls of the barn…

We need YOU!

To be our modern day barnraisers….

To vote that The Chittle Homestead is something you would like to see exist for you, your Family, your kids, your clients, your fellow big dreamers and revolutionary livers.

You can do that by pre-booking your farmstay or choosing one of the other kickstarter prizes we are offering up.

And we promise to pay it back…

with beautiful farm dinners from a brick wood-fired oven, family farmstays, afterschool kid farm and kid entrepeneur programs, mamas taking a break or a weekend to create, sponsoring and giving space and farm fresh meals to YOUR intimate classes, retreats, and workshops, offering up our experiences in aquaponics and permaculture experiments, and holding retreats of entreprenuers gathering for campfire brainstorms and connecting with our hands in the soil.

Let’s take a stand together…

to model that we can create the world we want to live in through the way we live our life…..and The Chittle Homestead can be the place for people to design their lives in this way.

Or if you just want a relaxing vacation with homestead roasted coffee, free range eggs, and Gig Harbor local spirits; we can do that too.

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We want every human to know they can do life, business,and parenting differently than any norm that does not work for them. But we can’t get the word out alone. The Chittle Homestead tiny home is a modern-day community build, leveraging the power of technology, individual strengths and values, and the magic that happens in coming together.

So after you get on THE LIST, please share this with everyone you know. Post the link on facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Send an email to 10 people who you think would be into this. Tell your mamas group.

If you really want to crusade, email us and we will tell you about special perks for the VIPs who spread the word.

From our family to yours…a deep thank you for being in this with us.

The Chittles

(Tessa, Ian, and Aza)


And now a little dreaming….

What would you do with a weekend at The Chittle Homestead?




A few notes….

Pre-booking donations do not guarantee you a specific date for your visit since available dates will depend on when the Tiny House is finished. We plan to accept guests starting summer 2016 with booking beginning in April 2016. First priority of dates will go to those who “pre-booked” through making a donation. Your donation gives you a 3 year voucher for your stay to be used before summer 2019.

Accommodations: Our tiny house is still being built (sign up here to get on the mailing list for pre-booking!). We are designing it specifically to work for families and groups including stairs instead of ladders, comfortable gathering spaces, privacy, etc. It is planned to sleep up to 6 people in tight quarters so gather up your friends to share the cost of your visit! It will be off-grid but will have all the luxuries…. hot water, lights, heat, full kitchen for cooking, full indoor bathroom with a composting toilet (don’t worry it is doesn’t smell at all and is better for the environment!).

The Hosts and the Homestead:

Learn more about The Chittles here.

Learn more about the homestead, activities in the area, and see pictures here.

Learn more about coaching programs (both virtual and on-farm options) for The Bold Family and The Revolutionary Entrepreneur as well as The Conscious Consumption Challenge.

You can see more about what we are currently up to and get to know us through our Instagram gallery and mini-blogs.

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