The way we live our life is how we create the world, and that doesn’t exclude the holidays.

Yet, somehow the way we eat, live, spend, act, and feel gets turned upside down around the holidays as sentimental family traditions, vocally judgmental or opinionated relatives, and the ever present pressure of mass Christmas marketing hijacks the intentions we have set for our lives.

By the end of the holiday season, I often feel disconnected from who I am and what I stand for in how I live my life.

This FREE 28-page little e-book takes you through exercises (to be done with your journal or with your family), to get clear on…

  • What you desire your holiday experience to feel like and stand for in the world.
  • How your traditions, gifts and interactions can embody these values and stem from the strengths of each family member.
  • What changes, if any, you want to make to your traditions….either consciously re-choosing them as they are, working on your mindset to change the experience of them, or involving your family in a discussion around actually making some changes to the traditions and plans.

For those of you who may see ahead a difficult conversation with family members who are averse to changes to the traditional way of doing things, we offer you tips for how to have that oh-so-dreaded conversation with all those involved….and actually maybe get closer in the process?!

Last but not least, we provide a list of things to remember in those moments when “none of it works out the way you want it to”

Take a moment now to intentionally create your holiday experience… you can stress less, and connect more this season.


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