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We stand for connected families who create, explore, and play together. – The Chittle Manifesto


At The Chittle Homestead and through our virtual communities, we want to create a place where families can take a breather to consciously choose their experiences, connect with each other and with themselves, and realign with what is most important to them….because relationships and parenting and life sometimes feel just too freaking hard and you know in your heart that you just have to figure out a way to Do It Differently.



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The Manifesto Guidebook

Create a mission statement for living….do it alone, with your partner, or with your whole family to get clear, get connected, and make a statement about what you are standing for in the world with how you live your life.

The guidebook is coming soon! But in the meantime, grab a free spot on my calendar to chat by phone about getting started with your family manifesto! Schedule here.





The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other.The Bold Family Project 

A guided process for a couple or family to co-create a project that takes a stand for the world they want to live in and gives them the structure to live more in alignment with the experience they want to be having day to day. A month of tech free-living, a year eating only local food, starting a family blog, creating a nonprofit or business together, creating a community garden or just some raised beds in your backyard, going on a year sabbatical to live in another country, moving into a tiny house, or simply making a pledge to say I love you every day. Through a guided process that is individualized for the ages of those in your family, you will talk about values, strengths, dreams, passions, beliefs. You will improve communication and connection. You will model to your children how to take a stand for something you believe in, think outside the box, and create something you want for your life.  You will hear eachother and dream together and create together…magic things will happen and who knows what momentum will be created for the life you want to create. A book? a blog? a business? or just a life that feels better?

Schedule a free consultation here to get started.



Revolutionary MamasRevolutionary Mamas – FREE Mastermind & Support

Oh mamas. I know it can sometimes be rough. I created the Revolutionary Mamas facebook group 2 months postpartum because I deeply needed to connect with other mamas but couldn’t find a group that wasn’t based around fear and judgement. I craved a group made for the mama with a heart-based mission in the form of a business or project that was on her mind as she changed diapers and nursed at all hours of the night. It is amazing how when you connect with a strong revolutionary mama, it reflects back your own mama strength and makes all that was heavy feel light again. This group is growing and evolving as we explore monthly calls, mama masterminding around business, and mama support without judgement for your 2am facebook questions…..I welcome you to join the group and create it with us. It is FREE. Join here.

If you want to talk to me mama-to-mama, grab a FREE spot on Tessa’s schedule.



Life Design 

Revolutionary Life Design Strategy Consultation

For when you need support figuring out how to make the life you want happen….

Grab a FREE spot on Tessa’s schedule.









Counseling & Coaching for men, couples, and teenagers with Ian Chittle, LMHC. (Available in Gig Harbor, WA and via private secure online video counseling at 



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