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Welcome to our exclusive sneak peak at our crowdfunding prizes….

This is a secret page for those of you who want to pre-book your farmstay or make your donation before our crowdfunding campaign kicks off in February 2016. After deciding on the farmstay you would like to book from the choices below, please email us at to find out how to donate directly to us. 


Why might you do this?

As soon as we raise $15,000 for the tiny house downpayment we can begin building! But putting together a crowdfunding campaign and video takes some time so we cant get it out into the world until February. If you are ready to donate/pre-book without needing to see our video first, you will not only be making the tiny home build happen much sooner, but you will also be allowing our little family to feel confident going into the very quick timeframe of raising a bundle in only 1 month!  🙂

And the perks for you…

  • First dibs at dates once we open our reservation calendar for the tiny home.
  • First dibs at limited prizes (farmstay prizes will run out as we can only host so many people in a year!)
  • VIP treatment during your stay….some little extra surprises that make you feel like the special people you are for having enough faith in us to get your skin in the game early….you are making it possible to create this homestead space of inspiration for people to take a tie out in their lives to get clear, learn, have fun, connect, strategize, visualize, and realign with their deepest values.
  • The sooner we get our down-payment for the tiny house, the sooner the project can begin, and the sooner you can come visit or at least get confirmed dates on your vacation schedule!


Here is what is available for pre-booking through donation to the build of the tiny house…



1The B&B

You wake to a faint rooster calling. You gaze at the tall trees out one window and since you are in a loft it feels as if you are swinging in their branches. Out the other window the dew is glistening on the field of flowers as the sun peeks over the trees. You leave your feathery nest and make your way down stairs to a wall of windows. As you fill your tea kettle you see the sheep are waking too across the meadow. You sip your tea overlooking the homestead and imagine the breakfast soon coming to you …..the smell of fresh roasted coffee and the comfort of food from the very land on which you now sit. The day beckons with total freedom for all your heart desires…. long beach walks, kayak adventures, and shops filled with antiques. You feel alive, connected, inspired. Man, this is what life is all about.

Pre-booking donations for The Bed & Breakfast:

$250 – 1 night (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$450 – 1 night (up to 5 people, includes breakfast) plus elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + smores campfire.


The HomesteadThe Homestead

Upon waking and eating a hearty breakfast from the homestead, you meet with the Chittle family to tour the homestead and learn about the days activities. Feeding the chickens, ducks, and sheep, collecting eggs, milking sheep, watering the garden and harvesting ….veggies, fruits, nuts, berries. Depending on your interests and the time of year, some other items on the agenda might include making sheep cheese, preserving the harvest (canning, drying, freezing), learning about the aquaponics system (maybe catching a fish for dinner!), baking bread (gluten free!) or some other yummy thing, pruning trees, mowing grass, scooping sheep poop…if you really wanna be a farmer 🙂 If you’ve brought the kids along, they will have endless fun picking up chickens, playing in the forest, picking their own veg and fruit, and swinging on our swings. Once chores are done, head to the beach nearby, grab dinner in town, and come back to gourmet s’mores around a campfire.


Pre-booking donations for The Homestead:

$500 – 1 night, 1 day of farm learning (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$800 – 2 nights, 1 day of farm learning (up to 5 people, includes breakfasts)  plus elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + smores campfire.


The Craft The Craft

This is the moment to indulge deeply in those crafts you have pinned on your pinterest board. Bring your girlfriends or hubby or make it a mother daughter weekend, send me which crafts you want to make and your craft table with all your supplies will be waiting for you along with your cozy little tiny home on a homestead that will foster your creative genius during your visit. Feel what it feels like to create with time and space and all the inspiration you could want. Be nourished by food grown on the homestead, stroll the flower gardens, take a trip to the beach, say hello to the sheep, laugh at the chickens as you drink your beverage of choice…a cocktail, wine, tea, or cup of hot cocoa. Just an idea….bring your bridesmaids and make all the decorations for your wedding (and maybe even pick some flowers for your wedding bouquets!)…your wedding can cost less and be pinterest worthy. And what a bachelorette experience of wine and gossip around a campfire after a day of sitting around crafting….way better then drunk dancing on tables at the club 🙂

Pre-booking donations for The Craft:

$500 – 1 night, 1 day of craft support & supplies (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$800 – 2 nights, 1 day of craft support & supplies (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)  plus elegant farm dinner in the orchard+ cocktails + smores campfire.


The BoldThe Bold

Ever need a time-out from life to get clear, get inspired, and figure out how to do things differently? Whether it be parenting, marriage, business, or life, sometimes things just need a pause button and the Homestead offers that moment of peaceful intentional pause. Engage in any of our coaching programs (The Manifesto, The Bold Family, Revolutionary Life Design Strategy, Business Strategy, The Bold Life project) in person on the homestead. Do it solo, with the love of your life or bring the whole family for some deep re-connection back into what is important to you, what inspires you and what your next steps are to make it all feel simple, joyful, and fun again. Maybe even grab some fellow big dreaming girlfriends or revolutionary mamas for a retreat. The beautiful gardens, slow pace of life and expansive beaches nearby will ground you to the earth for focus and clarity and offer quiet spaces to hear what your heart is trying to tell you. Your Chittle Coaches are here to offer you the personalized structure and resources to turn that whisper into an actionable plan. This is truly a vacation with intention.

Pre-booking donations for The Bold:

$1000 – 1 night + 1 day of coaching with focus of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)

$2000 –  2 nights + 2 days of coaching with focus of your choice (up to 5 people, includes breakfast)


The VacationThe Vacation

Design your own mix of NW adventure, farm activities, coaching, crafting, luxury, learning, business, and fun. Want us to book you a family kayaking trip? Wanna basket of fresh food to cook your own dinner in the tiny home kitchen or a picnic to take to the beach? Craving a game night with a bottle of whiskey? Looking for a place to bring a small intimate group for creative brainstorming or retreat? Interested in a unique bachelorette party experience or girls weekend? Or maybe you want to go deeper as an apprentice in some project we are doing on the homestead. You will fill out a form (where we have lots of clever ideas for you!) telling us all about the experience you want to have at the Homestead and we will provide a customized price quote. Believe me, just filling out the form is fun.

Pre-booking donations for The Vacation:

$5000 – 5 day VIP Vacation or individualized group retreat (up to 5 people, all desired meals included) – design your perfect mix of coaching, catered meals, picnic lunches, Pacific NW adventures, farm activities, crafting…. plus receive all our VIP treats.

$10,000 – book a week every year for as long as we are renting this tiny house and we will give you the VIP treatment every time! Like a tiny house time share 🙂


Other prizes (many that don’t require a trip to the homestead):

$50 – Your name will be included in our recognition project displayed near the tiny house plus we will buy 1 fish in your honor for our aquaponics system (included at all higher donation levels)

$100 – The Manifesto Guidebook (downloadable)- A mission statement for living….do it alone, with your partner, or with your whole family to get clear, get connected, and make a statement about what you are standing for in the world with how you live your life.

$150 – The Chittle Homestead Coffeetable book (in print & sent by mail) – beautiful pictures of farmlife and the Pacific NW with a few select quotes, recipes, and other musings direct from our family to yours.

$200 – An in-person daylong group class with us or one of our guest teachers on topics such as natural tiedye, aquaponics, composting, canning, painting furniture, crafting, slow cooking, meditation/yoga, etc. (exact topics and dates to be announced).

$200 – a 90 minute life and/or business strategy session by phone with Tessa to discuss your Bold life Project, Kickstarter campaign, Manifesto, small business or project, Tiny Home Design, or Kickstarter Strategy.

$500 – Adopt a sheep/goat….we will send you photo updates of our new baby lambs/goats this spring for the first year of their life! Plus, choose 1 of the previous prizes.

$1000 – 1 month Revolutionary Life Design or The Bold Life Project Coaching Program (by phone and email with Tessa)

$2000 – 2 month Revolutionary Life Design or The Bold Life Project Coaching Program (by phone and email with Tessa)

A few notes….

Pre-booking donations do not guarantee you a specific date for your visit since available dates will depend on when the Tiny House is finished. We plan to accept guests starting summer 2016 with booking beginning in April 2016. First priority of dates will go to those who “pre-booked” through making a donation. Your donation gives you a voucher for your stay to be used before summer 2018.

Accommodations: Our tiny house is still being built (sign up here to get on the mailing list for pre-booking!). We are designing it specifically to work for families and groups including stairs instead of ladders, comfortable gathering spaces, privacy, etc. It is planned to sleep up to 6 people in tight quarters so gather up your friends to share the cost of your visit! It will be off-grid but will have all the luxuries…. hot water, lights, heat, full kitchen for cooking, full indoor bathroom with a composting toilet (don’t worry it is doesn’t smell at all and is better for the environment!).

The Hosts and the Homestead:

Learn more about The Chittles here.

Learn more about the homestead, activities in the area, and see pictures here.

You can see more about what we are currently up to and get to know us through our Instagram gallery and mini-blogs.


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