Revolutionary Moms Support Group

As a new mom I really could use a group of moms for support. But there aren’t any groups in my area plus I sometimes find it hard to get out of the house and drive by myself with a newborn. I’d love a group that meets virtually and on the phone or video hangout (maybe with some in-person meetups in cool places so we can create lifelong friendships between mommies and kids!!!) and is made up of like-minded ladies dreaming big in the world!

So I am starting a virtual support group called Revolutionary Moms ( for moms with kids of all ages who want to think outside the box about their life, their happiness, their selfcare, their parenting, and how they earn an income while living by THEIR values.

I am thinking we could read some Revolutionary parenting books together (like Love and Logic and The Mindful Parent), have discussions around anything coming up for us as parents so we can support each other in coming back to the Revolutionary mindset of ease and possibility, and bring in some guest speakers on alternative health for kids/moms, DIY/crafting with kids, mommy happiness/stress, family finances, etc, etc

Any one interested in joining? “Like” the Facebook page to get updates about virtual meetings and please share your ideas for the group!

Also, please share the Facebook group with anyone else who is a big dreaming, out-of the-box living, entrepreneurial MAMA who might be interested in joining something like this!!!

I think amazing support, friendships, big dream collaborations, and so much more can come out of getting us all together as Revolutionary MOMS 


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