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The Chittle Homestead presents an interview series highlighting those folks who have made their life into a BOLD PROJECT …. a commitment to an experiment that aligns with what they want to stand for in the world even when it goes against the status quo.


Families doing parenting differently.

Entrepreneurs doing business differently.

People re-imagining the American Dream.

Folks who break the rules, think outside the box, and give us all permission to do so too.

REAL Conversations about doing life differently, experimenting outside the box, and committing boldly.


Hear the behind the scenes stories of people standing for something through how they live their life so you can feel like you have a community of fellow rebels as you embark on your own Bold Life Project.


Some examples of stories you will hear…

  • A women earning a living while traveling the world

  • A family living in a tiny house

  • Homesteaders and off-griders and people who have cut their expenses down to freedom level so they can step outside of the consumerist rat race.

  • People who have committed to such things as “no trash” or “local food only” or “365 days of meditating” or “writing everyday”, or “going tech free”.

  • Those whose actions have ignited movements in their communities and in the world as well as those whose brave way of living have yet to be seen.

  • Parents who homeschool, Unschool, or take their kids on year long travel sabbaticals.

  • Entrepreneurs who break all the rules of marketing, define their own business model, and build momentum in new ways.

  • Mamas who have found a new way to “make it all work” outside of the paradigms of not enough time and not enough money.


This will be an ongoing project and new interviews will be taking place every few weeks going forward.

Sign up with your name and email above to get access to our resource page where all the interviews will be posted as they come out so you can listen or watch them at your convenience.

There are already a few interviews waiting there for you that you can listen to immediately after confirming your email!


You will also get the fill-the-blank template we used to write our Life/Family Manifesto so that you can write your own mission statement for living … with yourself, partner, or family!

A first step to your very own Bold Life Project…


The Manifesto Template Cover Page


Hey YOU! Are you one of these people who is at any stage of a Bold Life Project (even the beginning moment of committing to the project!)?


I would love to include you in my interview series.

Email me at to share your story!


Also, use hashag #theboldlifeproject on Instagram and tag me @tessachittle so I can follow YOUR Bold Life Project adventures.

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