Our Manifesto


The Manifesto below is the evolving document we use on The Chittle Homestead to guide our choices, actions, and projects.

We use it as criteria for what we say yes or no to, what we add to our calendars, and what we spend our money on. This allows us to bring space to our time and financial resources and focus on what is most important to us.

We return to the manifesto writing process often whenever we are feeling disconnected from eachother or feeling struggle in our day to day experience. It reminds us of our common values and visions as a family, what is motivating our actions, and allows us a platform to discuss if these values and visions have shifted….. and if so what needs to change to bring us our day to day actions back into alignment with our hearts.

The Manifesto is our foundation. It gives a doorway to connect, communicate, and collaborate….to feel like we are co-creating something with purpose even on those days that feel like we are all over the place. It provides direction when things feel hopeless or confusing. It creates inspiration and momentum rather then overwhelm as we engage with our tasks because we know that everything we are doing is part of something bigger that we are standing for with how we live our lives.

If you are interested in creating a Life Manifesto for yourself (or a family manifesto for couples and families), check it out here.


We the Chittle family…

Stand for all humans recognizing the choice we each have in this moment to live by our values

and the power this grants each of us to create the world we want to live in.

We stand for doing it differently, whatever “it” may be, by getting off autopilot and beyond “shoulds”.

We stand for all persons making a living without giving up living.

We stand for community, collaboration, and creativity being the answer to the hard problems we have in our own lives and in the world.

We stand for changing the world through boldly modelling a life that embodies the world you want to live in.

We stand for connected families who create, explore, and play together.

We stand for  sustainable living….sustainable for our earth, our families, and our communities.


We are motivated by…

an inner awareness that reveals an innate drive to create beauty and connection…. in our spaces, on our land, and in our relationships with others.

Our children including the child within us that longs for connection, peace and purpose.

The trees, the ocean, the soil.

The power of families, love and community.

The revolutionaries that came before us who saw a vision outside of the status quo and lived in committment to that vision no matter how many people doubted them.

All the people we see around us and the endless possibility and strength we see in each one….even when they don’t see it in themselves.

Each day…

We express love to eachother.

Our “job” is creating and sharing our homestead.

Our income will flow from us modelling this way of living.

We minimize our use of resources, spend & consume consciously, and live in kindness to the earth.

We grow our own food, raise our own animals, make as much as we can ourselves, and move towards self-sufficient sustainability.

We feel empowered by “doing it ourselves” and using creativity to “do it differently”

We experience a feeling of slowness and presence in our days.

We choose not to  be complicit in systems we don’t agree with ….voting with our actions.

We raise our children and ourselves to be self aware beings able to explore and shift  our sources of suffering

We invest our time, money, and creativity in creating beauty…. in our spaces, on our land, and in our relationships with others

We recognize the strength and passions of each family member, each person on this planet, and respect them wholly for who they are.

We seek out opportunities to collaborate because we believe deeply that we all expand possibility by doing so.

We remember that we are all just molecules, and yet there is profound possibility for freedom and impact within our smallness

We remind eachother that learning, living, making an impact, and supporting ourselves financially are not separate tasks.

We work to align our life so all these happen naturally as we live our life of purpose.


The Bold Family Projects that embody our values and make tangible that which we want to stand for in how we live our lives (our ongoing brainstorm)…

The Chittle Homestead

The Off-Grid Tiny House & Farmstay retreats

The Manifesto Guidebook

The Bold Family Project

The Bold Holiday

The Conscious Consumption Challenge

The Make-Your-Own-Toys Challenge

The Aquaponics system

The Sustainable Wedding – Flower farm, antique rental, etc.

Our Garden and orchard

Sheep, chickens, ducks, llama

……just to name a few of the ideas that stem from our manifesto process 🙂


If you are interested in creating a Life Manifesto for yourself (or a family manifesto for couples and families), check it out here.



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