We seek out opportunities to collaborate & connect, rather then compete, with others who have big life missions because we believe deeply that we all expand possibility by doing so. – The Chittle Manifesto

Tell our story…

Do you want to tell the story of a cute bold family who is living by their values and up to big things in the world!
We welcome the opportunity to speak, write, or be interviewed on topics such as:

  • Doing life, parenting, and earning income differently (entrepreneurship, mindfulness, bold joyful living, Revolutionary Mamas, Mindful Men)
  • The Manifesto – Writing a mission statement for living.
  • Homesteading, self-sufficiency and food freedom
  • The Bold Life Project- Taking a stand in the world through how you live your life
  • The Bold Family Project –  building connection through co-creation
  • “The Work-with-What-You-Have Mindset” – upcycling your home and your life on a dime
  • The 5 Figure and Free Lifestyle – Creating time freedom through spending less
  • The  Conscious Consumption Challenge – 30 days to spend less and connect more.
  • Revolutionary Life & Business Design – The process of designing your life and work around your unique set of values, passions, resources, and talents so you can make your living through living your best life.
  • The Bold Couple – working and co-creating as a couple
  • The Bold Child – Teaching children to be creative, entrepreneurial, mindful, sustainable, and bold.

Let us tell your story…

Are you a bold family or entrepreneur who wants to be interviewed by us? Do you have a product you would like to share with us? Is there a project you would like to partner on?

Support us…

Do you want to support the mission we are on?

Pre-Book your 2017 Farmstay or become a member of the homestead!

By pre-booking your farmstay, becoming a homestead member, or donating through our GOFUNDME campaign, you can support us in building an off-grid, family friendly, and beautiful tiny home that will allow us to invite people out to experience what we are up to on the homestead.

Donate supplies or products that will help us on our current projects in home remodel, tiny house build, fencing, aquaponics, flower farm, orchard, chickens, sheep, gardening, etc.

Be a Barn Raiser!

Fund a specific project on the homestead that you believe in, want to be a part of, or want us to put your name on. What project do you want to see us do next?

An aquaponics system for sustainable fish and veggie production?

A tiny home on wheels that fits the whole family?

A homemade woodfired pizza oven?

A strawbale or cob house?

a medicinal plant and herb spiral garden?

A meditation path?

A workshop space in a barn or yurt?

A rain water catchment system?

a solar system our homestead?

Hiking trails in the back woods?

With your funding we will put this project on the top of the priority list, include you as much as you like on the project, write up our video tutorials of the project for the larger community, and advertise you or your business as the project sponsor!

Let us try your product…..

If you have a product that you think we would love, please let us know. If we decide it is something that would benefit us or our community, we will try it out and offer an honest review of it on our blog. There are also advertising opportunities via our blog and social media for products/programs/causes that we ourselves love and use. The first step to advertising with us is contacting us by email.

For all of the above, contact with your ideas!

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