Kickstarter Parties!

Have you checked out our Kickstarter Campaign yet? Here it is.



In all that we do at The Chittle Homestead, we want to cultivate connection, conversation, and collaboration…


… and that includes in our marketing of our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.


Even we can’t get you revved up to pre-book a Farmstay experience at The Chittle Homestead, no worries.


We still want to connect…and party….with you so that no matter what the outcome, we are living our values in the process!


Here are our upcoming VIP Kickstarter Parties

(virtual & in person):


The Kickstarter Kickoff Party – Virtual

Thursday May 12th, 6 pm

Come celebrate the kickoff of our kickstarter campaign and the opening of pre-booking for The Tiny House Farmstay!!

We will gather via phone/video…
Drink a homestead inspired cocktail…
Raffle off some homestead prizes…
And have good conversation….

Yes, one of the prizes being raffled off will be Smores in a Mason Jar: homemade marshmellows, gluten-free graham crackers, and quality dark chocolate….mailed to your doorstep.

Just one of many prizes.

Sign up below with your name and email to receive call-info!

Before the call, you will receive an email with all the call-in info as well as a homestead inspired cocktail recipe to bring to the virtual party if you so choose.

We are offering up exclusive prizes for those who pre-book The Chittle Homestead Farmstay during the call….first dibs on your choice of Farmstay, 1 additional free night added to whatever Farmstay you choose, and whatever other prizes i can dream up by then!

See you there!

Sign up to receive info:

Kickstarter parties (2)

The Kickstarter Kickoff Party – In-person!

Where: Oakland CA (The Chittles’ Hometown)

When: Saturday May 7th 9:30 – 2pm

Brunch. Craft. Cook.

Those who pre-book their Farmstay during the party will get to choose a bonus prize from our homestead gift table!

Here’s the current schedule…

Come when you like but know that the bonus gift table is 1st come 1st serve, so show up early if you want to get the best gifts…wood coasters/cheese boards/candles, gluten-free flour mixes, plant markers, mason jar s’mores kits with homemade gluten-free marshmellows & graham crackers, DIY sunscreen toothpaste/sunscreen/cleaning products….just to name a few 🙂

9:30 am – Coffee, Mimosa Bar, homestead breakfast bar (homemade gluten free apple cider donuts, overnight oats in personal mason jars, and a granola/yogurt bar).
10 am – Cooking demo: Homemade gluten free “pop-tarts”. Come make your own pop-tart!
10:30 am – Kickstarter Presentation #1 (video, stories, Q&A, Prizes!): folks who pre-book their Farmstay get to chose from our bonus prize table of homestead-made gifts.
11 am – Brunch – Deep dish quiches with sweet potato hash brown crust (gluten free) and seasonal spring veggies, farmers market salads and fruits.
12 noon – Kickstarter presentation #2 (video, stories, Q&A, Prizes!)
12:30 pm – S’mores campfire 🙂 Homemade marshmellows and gluten free graham crakers with gourmet chocolate. 

12:30 pm- 2pm – Crafts & Plants – DIY Dreamcatchers & Plant Germination Greenhouses (all-ages and great gifts for mothers day…along with a Farmstay Vacation Package, of course!)

By invitation only, but sign up below and we’ll see what space we got left:

The Summer Campout

“The Homestead Campout” Planning Party – Virtual

TBD – Sign up below if interested!

Bring your tents, your sleeping backs, and your workshops. Share your gifts with eachother, collaborate, connect, eat homestead treats, and sit around campfires. Families welcome.

Anyone interested in co-planning this with me, join me on this call!

The Bold Kickstarter Workshop-

Kickstarter Learnings, Tips, & Brainstorming – Virtual

Join me as I share all the learnings from my Kickstarter Campaign…because whether it is funded or not I got things to tell you that can help you in deciding if crowdfunding is right for your project and how to make it work for you!

There will also be space for brainstorming your own campaign (crowdfunding or otherwise)…how to utilize your unique strengths, style, and communities to build momentum for what you are up to!

Thursday June 16th, 6pm PST

Sign up below to RSVP and get call details:



IMG_8435 (1)

The Bold Visual Party – Virtual

Many folks have been asking me about how I create all the graphics and visuals I use on my website and in social media. I am honored that people noticed because expressing beauty in all that I do, including my business, was a big focus this year that came out of my personal life manifesto writing process.

At the beginning of the year, I had no idea how to create a graphic and I have to say, it is a very freeing feeling to know that any time I want to express myself visually or create a quick graphics for my latest class, blog, or program….I can do so easily and quickly without waiting on any designer or website guru.

I am no branding or graphic design expert, but I invite you to join me on this call where I will share exactly how I create the graphics I use to visually represent me …the apps i use for editing photos, adding words, and even creating videos. I will also share the questions I ask my clients, and myself, in determining the bigger visual theme you want to create as a statement of your values and styles. I love breaking all the rules in marketing and branding…so I give you permission to choose a strategy that works naturally for you and serves as a vehicle for your creativity rather then being a burden on your full expression for the sake of marketing effectiveness. Because i believe that in the end, self expression of ones own beauty will beat out any perfected marketing strategy.

Thursday June 9th, 10am PST

Sign up below to get on the list for receiving class info when it comes available.

The Aquaponics Work-Party – In-person

Come help us install our aquaponics system at The Chittle Homestead and learn from an aquaponics guru all about how you can create a sustainable source of fish and fast growing year round vegetables….on any scale from a tiny tub on your porch to a huge greenhouse. This is a “learning work party”…learn through doing!

Date: Fall 2016

Sign up below for details when they become available:


The Thank-You Harvest Dinner  – In-Person!

A thank you dinner and harvest gratitude ceremony at The Chittle Homestead for Kickstarter supporters to celebrate reaching our fundraising goals!

Date TBD: (Fall 2016 if we fill all our kickstarter prebookings in May-June!)

By invitation only.



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