It Just Got Real.


I sit here listening to the peeping of 8 chicks and two ducks as they bumble around in their box (We have them in my office so if any of you are my business coaching clients you might hear their peeps in the background of our calls!).

The chicks scratch and peck, and then fall lazily asleep under the heat of the red lamp. The ducks busy themselves nuzzling the water with their beaks, splashing with their clumsy webbed duckling feet, and then shaking their tail feathers to make the beads of water roll off their backs. They all seem to have such purpose even though they are in a simple box without any idea of the world beyond those walls. They are primed for a life of purposeful living out on our homestead….the chicks scratching and fertilizing the ground and the ducks keeping our garden free of slugs.

It is comforting to watch them, how they know so clearly from birth their connection to the land and their purpose within the system of nature…. Something us as humans have trouble with which may explain how many of us are endlessly searching for our true purpose and perhaps leading to the movement we are seeing in our generation of wanting to return to the land in some form. It has become my new meditation to observe these little Buddhas as Aza peacefully stands on her tippy toes staring over the edge of the box at the flock that will be a centerpiece to her childhood here on the homestead.


There is something about having a whole flock of chicks and ducks that makes this all real. It somehow turns me from a dreaming homesteader to a beginning homesteader.

Even though our garden is just going in this season and we have no idea if anything will actually grow.

Even though we don’t have rain water catchment systems, or grazing animals, or solar panels yet.

I am no longer just a person obsessively pinning on Pinterest all the things I want to DO, CREATE, BE in my life. I am actually DOING, CREATING, and BEING those things. I am taking a stand for something in the world through how I live my life and it is starting to feel really real now. It is starting to integrate into my identity and feel at home in my body. The values, tasks, actions that I say I want for my life, are actually flowing out of me naturally .

One of my Revolutionary Business coaching clients asked me the other day, when do I become an actual entrepreneur rather just a dreamer or wanna be entrepreneur? When do I stop feeling like a fake and my business becomes just how I live my life instead of something that keeps getting pushed aside by other life priorities? When does it flow out without feeling like everything in the world is getting in the way of the actions I want to take and the values I want to live by?

It’s an interesting question. And one I have thought about in regards to my homesteading lifestyle because for so long the only homesteading I did was obsessive pinning of the life I wanted on Pinterest……even now it feels weird to call myself a homesteader when I still have no idea how to even plant a garden.

Maybe you can relate.

You have this feeling in your heart that you want to do something really bold, take a stand with how you live your life for something you value or just stop doing things the same old way.

So when does it begin?

When do you start actually living your revolutionary life….become that bold person taking a stand by how you live.

When do you move into that tiny home, start feeding your family only from your garden, buy that around the world plane ticket, make your new way of eating non-negotiable, sell your car and rely only on your bike, quit your job and start taking on clients for your business….or whatever bold stand you want to model with your life.

When do you BECOME the homesteader, the traveller doing business from around the world, the permaculturist, the crafter/diy queen, the mommy blogger, the person who meditates everyday and has their own yoga practice, the local-only eater, the entrepreneur.

When does it feel integrated into the lining of your soul, every cell of your body, every flutter of your heart.

When do you stop having those cravings for the old ways of doing things even though they don’t fit at all with your values…..the fast food, the supermarket trucking in luxeries from around the globe, the comfort of a home or having “stuff”, the steady paycheck and benefits.

When do you stop feeling like a beginner, a fake, a wanna-be, or the romanticised version of the farmer, the entrepreneur, the crafting queen, the vegan or whatever it is that you have chosen for your bold life experiment?

When do you actually get your hands dirty, get out from behind your computer, leap into the trenches and proudly wear the badge of being THAT person?

In Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver, she asks this question of when to begin the year of local eating her family had decided to commit to and decided on the date that the asparagus comes up from the ground. From then on her family would only eat food grown and made in their community, either from their own land or their neighbors.

She choose asparagus. The day asparagus sprouted from the ground marked the beginning of the year experiment, the moment when they had prepared enough and were ready to fully embody their values with full commitment.

I choose the flock. The day we brought home these chicks and ducks was the day I fully committed to being a homesteader.

There is a point that it becomes non-negotiable. And when you reach that level of 100% commitment it actually becomes easier. There is less temptation because that old way of doing things is just not how you do things anymore. You don’t have to go through the decision of if you are going to act in alignment with your values every time you are at the store, or choosing your method of transportation to get to work, or every time you open the fridge. You don’t question anymore if you should get a “real” job or follow some other more traditional path….in fact you don’t even know what that means anymore.

Your Revolutionary life, the one fully aligned with your values and what you want to take a stand for through living each day, just is who you are Now.

When is this point? When does it start?

It starts the day you decide to start.

{Your turn….}

So what do YOU choose as that sign….the moment you will begin to truly live your revolutionary life and  your values become just how you live your life? Set a date at which point it is no longer negotiable to fully live a life aligned with your values. It becomes just what you do. Share in the comments below what revolutionary life you are boldy stepping into and what sign or moment you have chosen as the date you fully embody it!

Even though it’s easy for me to own that I am an entrepreneur now, I am experiencing that beginner stage feeling in the realm of homesteading. A stage of owning that even though I don’t know what I am doing, I am doing it. my revolutionary life is happening now, not someday in the future. We are doing the projects that make us homesteaders even though they don’t all turn out perfect. It is all an experiment.

Even though we aren’t yet sustaining ourselves on our farm.

Even though we are still on city water and electricity.

Even though we have yet to can a season of produce or watch Aza’s face as she first tastes the burst of a cherry tomato that we have grown ourselves from a seed (hopefully that will be happening in a few months!)….

We are homesteaders.



Here’s what we have been up to in February…

(if you are interested in following our homesteading journey or maybe you want to try some of our life experiments right along with us, make sure you receive our blogs, videos, and tutorials by email! Just enter your name and email in the box on the right side of this page).


  • building a chicken tractor and chicken coop
  • making a gluten free and sugar free cake for Aza’s first birthday!
  • Playing a lot with and learning how to utilize my favorite apps for making videos and pretty visuals with my photos for blogging, logos, tutorials, etc (excited to share my list of favorite apps to make sharing your revolutionary life and biz easier!)
  • building a worm compost bin
  • mapping out our garden area
  • experimenting with different ways to turn grass into garden including raised beds, hugelkulture, cardboard, etc.
  • Building a lighted shelving unit for starting our plants inside because we don’t have a greenhouse yet!
  • brooding chicks and ducks
  • pruning our fruit trees
  • planting asparagus ( did you know it takes 3 years to grow to point you can harvest it!!!)
  • planting berry bushes (blueberries, sea berries, raspberries, gooseberries, elderberries and maybe ground cherries)
  • learning about life and marriage with a 1yr old baby…how to get work done and have fun, how to make time for creativity and self care, adventures in sleep and trying new foods, creative and bold planning in making income in revolutionary ways as a family, and fostering a relationship between husband and wife after that first crazy year with a newborn.
  • Meeting with a permaculture designer to see if we can get a detailed plan for a permaculture system for our 6 acres of land….something we can work towards over the next few years to create a sustainable, more self-suffient lifestyle and farm.

What we are planning for March and April…

  • Finishing up all our plant starts inside
  • Direct seeding a few things outside ….
  • Creating a “wall of strawberries” as a fence in our garden (cool experiment I am excited to try!)
  • Installing our garden fence and chicken fence
  • Creating a planting tracking spreadsheet….because I am a spreadsheet nerd 🙂
  • Finish up my DIY play kitchen for Aza as part of my new commitment to making my own toys (more on this soon!)
  • Putting together the play structure we got off craigslist…..because every homestead has gotta have a cool fort and tire swing 🙂
  • having more fun and showing more love as a family
  • building our feeling of community …because mamahood seems like it would feel easier and fun with more kiddos and mamas and papas around!
  • Getting this blog hip-hopping with stories, tutorials and reflections on our journey to be revolutionary homesteaders, parents, husbands/wives, crafters, artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs! (and we will be sharing our tips for building a blog & a business around YOUR Revolutionary life!).

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If you are following us, we will be seeing you a lot more often! And we want to make sure you know that we welcome your input, ideas, websites, and stories of your own revolutionary life experiments in the comments in the blog. Try it out by saying “hi” in the comments below …we sure do like knowing and feeling the community rooting for us in this journey we are on And definitely could use help along the way!


Boldly Standing For Your Happiness,

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