Ian’s Manifesto

What Revolution Means to Me

The core of revolution, to me, is a combination of two elements; doing what you want to do and doing it for a greater good. You can’t have just one element for a revolution, you must have both.

The first element, doing what you want to do, is the internal revolution in which you can embrace the influence of others, yet remain true to following your own passion and internal compass.

The second element, doing for a greater good, is a necessary component to avoid selfishness and greed. Necessary for a revolution is getting clear on how your passion can help others and make your community or our world a better place.

With these two elements together, actions have a very good chance at making you and others joyful. With focus and clarity on these two elements, old ways of doing and being can drop to the wayside, letting a new you emerge.

Each person’s revolution is entirely unique and changing all the time.

If you look at many of the great revolutions throughout history, you see a passionate individual that sparks others to increase justice, human rights, or equal opportunity in the face of greed or hatred holding others down. Perhaps internally, you have seen the signs of self-hatred or greed and you want to overthrow this and replace it with compassion and love. This is our revolution, and this is our daily practice.

So, what is my journey?  I have had a large emphasis on education; with a B.A in Psychology, an M.S in Counseling Psychology, and 97 credits towards a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Expected fatherhood clarified my lack of passion and value in obtaining a doctoral degree, and it became glaringly meaningful to me to follow what I want to do, while providing for my family and making the world a better place. With clarity in these values, I work part-time providing counseling to the elderly at a nearby nursing home, I experiment with re-using and re-finishing old furniture and materials that would otherwise over burden our landfills, and I offer my unique services and expertise as a coach with The Revolutionary Living Institute. While I have greatly evolved in my skills as a counselor through my extensive clinical training, I particularly enjoy focusing on providing coaching that emphasizes the benefits of a Solution-Focused approach for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and other barriers to living the joyful, revolutionary life that you envision.

I practice mindfulness throughout my daily activities and interactions with others, in addition to my lengthy time studying and reading from other established mindfulness experts such as Noah Levine, Jack Kornfield and countless scientific mindfulness researchers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Shauna Shapiro, and Alan Marlatt. Likewise, I have lived the life as a Buddhist monk for a month in Taiwan and practiced sitting meditation at retreats and at home for 10 years. If part of my revolution is helping others, then I must first be happy and healthy; and this is nurtured by my mindfulness practice, as well as my joy in cooking nourishing meals and staying active with sports and exercise ( I especially like racquetball, basketball, and swimming).

I greatly enjoy the creative process, in both writing and creating art. After my lengthy stint in academia where citing publications and evidence for every line you write and comment you make is necessary, the creative writing and art-making process feels incredibly freeing in contrast. Nevertheless, there has been benefit in reading and learning from the so-called experts.

I have created several products that cut directly to the essence of “doing what works” for equipping other coaches with expert counseling skills, developing mindfulness throughout your life, and how to mobilize your happiness. You can link to them on this website.

Music is also a big part of my life because it is uplifting, energizing, and often has the ability to communicate a message or a feeling better than mere words alone. Many people find it hard to understand, but punk music has had a defining influence on my revolutionary point of view. Although it may be difficult to understand in the yelling and fast pace, many of the great punk bands and songs carry a message of revolution- being true to yourself and accepting others, fighting for social change and human rights, and standing up against injustice (even if it is simply one of the many lovesongs about the injustice and heartache of being dumped!).

And so the revolution continues; fueled by great music, love for my family, the creative process, mindfulness practice, DIY projects (like re-finishing furniture and home roasting coffee), cooking nutritious meals, playing sports, and assisting others along the way in my humble role as a writer, helper, counselor, and coach.

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