Ian Chittle, MS, LMHC


When it comes to getting irritated, feeling stuck, trouble sleeping, troubles with your partner, no motivation, stressed at work, worried and anxious, overwhelmed, feeling low or looking for food/a drink/a smoke/shopping to get through another day; we can work together to replace these patterns with a focus on building connection, creating solutions to repeating problems, and re-designing your life based on what is important to you, while increasing your sense of purpose and ability to get through the “tough stuff” with strength and compassion.
My expertise comes from unique experience with positive psychology, mindfulness, Strategic-Solution Focused therapy,CBT; within accredited graduate training programs in Counseling Psychology. A holistic approach to building your health in mind, body, and spirit through what you do/eat/think and who you connect with; is what leads to true and lasting beneficial change.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email to ask me about “ecotherapy” and “behavioral health” specifically for stress-related health issues like high blood pressure/cholesterol, depression, anxiety, obesity. We can discuss short-term and long-term care, as well as “life coaching” and secure/private online video counseling at http://chittle.breakthrough.com
SchSchedule a counseling or coaching appointment ianchittle@gmail.com or 360-474-7345
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