Join Homesteading Club

Join Homesteading Club!

We don’t sell farm food, we create farm experiences.

When you become a member of The Chittle Homestead Homesteading club (Gig Harbor, Wa), your share of the harvest won’t come in a CSA box of produce delivered weekly. Instead it will be served up in the form of gourmet farm to table food around farm tables for our monthly workshops …

It will also come in the form of member-only you-pick opportunities & homesteading days that give you a chance to experience the farm for the day as you gather your own food from the garden or help out with a project on the homestead. 

And lastly, members also receive discounted Farmstay weekends in the tiny house where you and your family or group can choose the farm experience you are craving…farm table dinners, picnic lunches, beautiful crafts, farm animal play, permaculture learning or life and business design….all in a beautifully designed tiny house and all with that special touch the Chittles pride themselves on.



We believe the farm is the perfect place for healing, connecting, and becoming inspired.

We believe a farm offers so much more than just food production and want to highlight the many other benefits of small farms (ie: community building, habitat creation, soil improvement, fostering creativity and skills of self reliance, heritage seed preservation and plant diversity, water improvement, nature connection and environmental awareness, etc), which often aren’t noticed or valued in our food production focused models.

We believe we are all craving more intimate experiences of community & nature.

We thrive at creating special gatherings, good food, magical tablescapes, and bringing together amazing teachers for knowledge sharing.


Join us and become part of the community.

– Yearly Homestead Membership –

Option 1: Individual (1 adult) – $200

Option 2: Friends/Family (any 2 adults + kids under 12) – $300


Both options include:

Free access to monthly workshops plus workshop handouts even if you can’t make the event! 

25% discount on all Farmstays (up to 5 people)

25% Discount on Farm dinners & events

Member only you-pick days

Member only “canning days” and other last minute homesteading activities

Optional: Your own garden plot @ The Chittle Homestead (plus gardening support from The Chittles)!

Choose your membership:

To help you decide if membership is right for you, here’s a peak at upcoming workshops….


Homesteading “Playday” Workshops

Where community gathers to play with the skills and mindset of homesteading.

July – The Homestead Bathroom: DIY soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste and sunscreen

Lunchtime Cooking class theme:

The Gourmet Picnic Basket – Tasty Sandwiches, Mason Jar Salads, and fresh fruit handpies.


August – The Homestead Medicine Cabinet: DIY salves, tinctures, and medicinal teas.

Lunchtime Cooking Class Theme:

EAT Your Medicine – how to uplevel the nutrition of your gourmet meals


September –The Homestead Kitchen: DIY bread, goat cheese & yogurt, kombucha, and fermented vegetables/Saurkraut. Food preserving/canning can also be included if folks are interested.

Lunchtime Cooking Class Theme:

Farm to Table Asian Food – Peanut sauce, spring rolls, and more!


October – The Edible Food Forest…a permaculture learning workday

November – The Gourmet {anti-inflammatory} Holiday Meal…. A Cooking Class

December – The DIY Christmas: A Holiday Crafting Party. Topic – DIY Macrame (plant holders, wall hangings, home decor, etc).



The Sustainable Easter Egg Hunt – April

If plastic eggs filled with candy aren’t totally your style, come try out a new family tradition at The Chittle Homestead…dye farm fresh eggs with natural garden ingredients and search for them on a farm landscape. Plus, explore The Chittle Homestead gardens, animal petting zoo and nature-based crafts for all ages.

The Homestead Campout – July (begins summer 2018!)

Bring your tent & enjoy campfire activities at the homestead!

The Annual Harvest Gathering & Tiny House Tour! – August 2017

Multiple courses of gourmet food at a long farm table in the meadow under twinkly lights…

Homemade s’mores around a campfire…

And conversations that spark ideas.

Join us in sharing the harvest of the homestead.

The exact menu for the 2017  Harvest Dinner is still TBD but…. Check out the 2016 menu here.


Coming up in 2018…

YOUR Manifesto

New Year’s resolutions are so old. Let’s start some New Year’s REVOLUTONS! Curl up in coziness at The Chittle homestead for a day of journaling and value based goal setting so you can stand for the world you want to live in through how you live your life in 2017! Come as an individual, couple, or family and leave with a manifesto that will guide your year into full alignment, clarity, and effective action towards the causes that matter most to you as a citizen of this planet. Oh and there will be tasty farm to table food as always 🙂

The Seed Starting Party


No more overwhelm in your dream of growing green things this year! Whether you are a total beginner or looking to really take your food independence to the next level this year, give yourself this focused space to brainstorm with the Chittles about garden planning, companion planting, permaculture, seed starting and mulch gardening techniques. Along with plenty of time for putting pen to paper in your own garden plans, we will also have some hands on work in the garden with mulch gardening and transplanting. Of course you will be filled up with gourmet farm to table food and leave with a few of your own newly planted seeds for your home garden. (Members who want a plot garden in the Chittle Homestead food forest to tend throughout the season are welcome to select their spot and start converting grass to garden as part of our mulch garden tutorial! Learn about garden plots below.)

DIY Backyard Pizza Oven

Currently looking for a teacher to lead a community learning workday where we build an outdoor pizza oven at The Chittle Homestead and teach others to make their own too!

Garden Plots available @ The Chittle Homestead

Ongoing, March – October – Community Workdays TBD 

There are so many benefits of bringing diverse plants and diverse people together. Therefore we would like to invite members to cultivate their own garden plot at the Chittle homestead where they can grow their own food or flowers within our food forest and with the support of the community and shared knowledge at the Chittle homestead. Community workdays every Wednesday and Sunday for those needing to care for their plots (or schedule a private time to tend to your plot).


Fish in The Garden!

Come be a part of getting our AQUAPONICS system set up to grow year round veggies and sustainable protein for The Chittle Homestead community. Aquaponics uses a system of fish, worms, and edible vegetables to harness energy, save water, recycle waste, and grow food really fast …perfect for people like us wanting year round food independence. The best way to learn about this growing field of gardening is to get hands on with the project alongside Seth of “Anything Aquaponics” who will be involving the group in each step of the system set up at The Chittle Homestead.

The Sustainable Easter Egg Hunt


If plastic eggs filled with candy aren’t totally your style, come try out a new family tradition at The Chittle Homestead…dye farm fresh eggs with natural garden ingredients, search for them on a farm landscape and enjoy gourmet farm to table snacks. Plus, explore The Chittle Homestead gardens, tiny house, antique/homestead shop, animal petting zoo and nature-based crafts for all ages. This is an intimate event for a limited number of people.

“The Farmstay” in the new tiny house… 

 Learn more here.

The Homestead Bathroom

DIY soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, lotion, toothpaste and sunscreen

Spring Homestead Workday

Open day for volunteers to work & learn on the farm alongside the Chittles as we mulch, transplant, and create the summer garden! Families welcome.

It’s a workday. It’s a workshop. It’s a moment to gather in community and put our hands in the soil together. Did you know soil has microbes that act like antidepressants ? So yeah, it’s also a therapy session.  🙂

Members who want a plot garden in the Chittle homestead food forest to ten throughout the season are welcome to work on their plots…now is the time to get your transplants and seeds in!!!


Spring Closet Cleaning Craft Day

Need an extra motivation to clean out those closets this spring? Or just can’t stand throwing away quality or sentimental clothes even though you never wear them? Come learn how to transform old, out of style, no longer fitting clothes into beautiful home decor and other useful things at The Chittle homestead! Register below….and then start setting aside pretty fabrics, shrunken wool sweaters, meaningful t-shirts of your favorite bands, or your kid’s onesies that no longer fit but you can’t bear to give away. Registered participants will be getting some closet cleansing tips by email before the event to get you going! It’s time to cleanse, simplify and lighten our clutter while embodying the values of reuse, creativity, and beauty.

Grow your own Medicine Cabinet

We will be inviting guest teachers to share knowledge around growing a medicinal plant garden and turning those herbs into your own natural medicine cabinet for colds, flus, stress, mental health, pregnancy/motherhood/childhood and more! You will leave with some homemade medicines and lots of recipes!

Summer Campout


Bring your tent, picnic dinner, & enjoy Chittle Homestead gourmet s’mores & campfire activities! Gourmet smores, specialty popcorn bar, and other surprise treats provided… oh and of course cozy beverages for the morning after 🙂

Nature Crafting & Mindfulness Meditation


A day to allow nature to guide your creation, bring you into the present, and inspire your next steps. Exact craft projects TBD but possibly cloth dying with natural materials (flowers, herbs, barks, etc), basket weaving, and nature entwined macrame creations….for the kiddo participants: nature weaving, stamping, and driftwood mobiles. Just a few ideas so far. Guided mindfulness meditation will be included throughout the creative process.

Beach Writing/Art/Photgraphy with Sunset Picnic


Join us at one of our nearby beaches for a day of writing in the shade of a tree as you gaze out at the beautiful placid waters of the puget sound. And/or use the space for photography and art. Creativity prompts and warm-ups will be provided along with homestead grown sustenance, community support and creative pow-wows. As dusk approaches a gourmet beach picnic made from homestead grown food will be served up while we reflect together as a community of makers.


Member-Only You Pick Days

Dates TBD depending on harvest.

Members ONLY 

2018 Annual Harvest Dinner


Last year a farm dinner attendee said her experience felt straight out of a Sunset magazine spread. Not sure if Sunset will be photoshooting our homestead farm dinner anytime soon but hey a girl can dream 🙂

Gourmet food under twinkly lights and conversations that spark ideas. Join us in sharing the harvest of the homestead.

Preserving the Harvest

Pickling, canning, storing, freezing, and dehydrating = food independence and tasty winter treats that remind us of summer on rainy days 🙂

“Make your own toys” crafting day

Easy play things you can make for the baby or toddler in your life.

Fall Homestead Workday


Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, bulbs, and perennials…and all these come together perfectly when you plant a tree guild made up of plants that work together to help ensure their health and productivity. At The Chittle Homestead we have recently started cultivating a food forest of perennial edibles that work together to create habitat, healthy soil, happy plants, and tasty production. This fall we will be adding to our plantings of perennials around the homestead and think the best way for folks to learn about permaculture, food forests, and perennial gardening is to come give a helping hand in this fall planting.

It’s a workday. It’s a workshop. It’s a moment to gather in community and put our hands in the soil together. Did you know soil has microbes that act like antidepressants ? So yeah, it’s also a therapy session.  🙂

Gluten-Free Baking & Tea Tasting

Any of you who have attended a Chittle Homestead event or Farmstay know that I love baking yummy delectable things…both savory and sweet. What you may not know is that everything I have served you has been gluten-free. Whether or not you are gluten free, this workshop is about baking deliciousness….that just happens to be gluten free :). After baking up a storm we will sit down to enjoy good conversation and our baked yummies alongside teas made by local makers, homesteaders, and medicine women for a re-creation of  the afternoon “tea party” in Chittle Homestead style.

Be-A-Maker Holiday Crafting Party


This is the year you MAKE all your Christmas presents….something everyone actually wants :). Join us for a day of holiday gift craftmaking, cozy beverages, yummy treats, and good conversation….at The Chittle Homestead.


Possible topics: Macrame, candle-making, card-making, clay gifts, food gifts, picture transfer gifts, farm signs, kid toys, vases & candle holders, clothes, DIY bath product gift baskets, arm knit blankets, baskets, etc.


Pre-book your Farmstay in the tiny house now! 

Are you a maker, artisan or business? Learn about Homestead Sponsorship


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