Garden plots

img_3183 Looking for a space to grow things this year without the stress of doing it all alone?

There are so many benefits of bringing diverse plants and diverse people together. Therefore, we would like to invite yearly homestead members to cultivate their own garden plot at the Chittle homestead where they can grow their own food or flowers within our food forest and with the support of the community and shared knowledge at The Chittle homestead. Community workdays every Wednesday and Sunday for those needing to care for their plots (or schedule a private time to tend to your plot).

Garden space is limited and limited to homestead members only.

Not a member yet? Here’s how you can be 🙂

Members must register with name and email below to see if there is still space available.

Your garden plot can take you one step closer to your goals whether you are trying to eat healthy, become more food independent, learn new things, get outside more, save the planet, spend more time as a couple /family or expand your community!

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