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We like to give out free gifts from our family to yours. No strings attached.

We rotate through what topics these free gifts focus on and what format they come in.

You can expect to see gifts focusing on homesteading, parenting, crafting, tiny home building, home decor, de-cluttering, calendar-cleansing, simplifying, mindfulness, creativity, conscious consumption, or whatever our little creative hearts feel is part of our current journey and might be helpful to others.

Sometimes it will be in the form of a guidebook, sometimes a set of audios, a video series, a printable poster, an interview with someone cool, or possibly even a snail mail gift.

Right now our free gift is pretty special because it means we actually get to meet personally…on the phone!

I (Tessa) am taking bookings in my online calendar for free 1 hr strategy & coaching sessions.


What might you use such a conversation for?

  • Revolutionary Business Strategy Design – get clarity on how all your ideas fit together, how they can support you financially and the steps to make them into something tangible….design a strategy that honors your strengths and values, let go of rules or beliefs that got you stuck in a box, or map out a timeline for the year.
  • Revolutionary Life Design brainstorm – outside the box dreaming about doing life differently as well as realistic grounding in the financials and strategy to make it happen.
  • Mama to mama heart chat – reach out mamas, my heart is open to you.
  • First time homesteading questions
  • Tiny home design brainstorming
  • Setting up some structure for your very own Conscious Consumption Challenge to start voting for the world you want to live in through what you put in your mouth, how you spend your dollars, and where you put your time.
  • Inspiration or feedback on your Life Manifesto
  • Strategy consultation for your Bold Life Project or Bold Family Project


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