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The Bold Life Project



Along with old barns, pretty flowers, cozy coffee, DIY, and homesteading with my family,  the thing I most love doing in the world is brainstorming ways for folks to align how they make their income with their unique strengths, the activities that bring them joy, and the stand they want to take in the world.


And for those with kids…how to align all of this with how you want to be raising your kiddos.


When all of these priorities are separate we tend to get caught in the trap of waiting to do the LIVING parts until after we do the INCOME-earning parts.


And it is the LIVING parts that I believe can have the biggest impact on not only our own happiness but also in creating the world we want to live in.


As a mom with a business and homestead, I realized in my bleary-eyed first few months of motherhood, that  it was essential that income, homestead & parenting become the same thing. That in each moment I do not have to choose between filling my soul, mothering my child, supporting my family financially, or contributing to the world I want to stand for through sustainable self sufficient homesteading & redefining the American Dream. If I was to be the mother I wanted to be and still have space for my own voice and creativity in the world, I would need to design my life so an act towards one thing was also an act towards the others.

The process to get to this alignment has included a lot of exploration of my skills, resources, opportunities, values, and visions.

It has required letting go of things that aren’t my top priorities (even when I still really like them!) to make space for that which is most important to me at this stage.


It is being done through mindful reflection, co-creation with my family, and a lot of experimenting.


It isn’t just external life strategizing but also inner belief shifting.


It doesn’t happen overnight and it will continue always to evolve, but the thing that is lasting is the cultivation of a mindset of self-care that makes honoring my unique makeup of values, strengths, and visions non-negotiable in all that I do whether it be how I market my business, how I parent, or how I eat. It is a clarity and a focus that allows me to experiment without fear. It is a practice of retraining of the brain to allow all that I am to simply be.


For me, what this process has led to is encapsulated in the tangible Bold Life Project of The Chittle Homestead where we are committed to voting with our dollars, time, and forks for the world we want to live in and creating a space for others to do so too. The next step in our journey is The Tiny House Farmstay … a time out from life to create your life…learn a skill, craft your heart out, grow your business, connect with your family or fellow Mamas or entrepreneurs, eat from the earth…all in a tiny house. You can read more about it here.


Each day that I work towards this project is also a day I grow the homestead’s sustainability and beauty.


It is a day I include my daughter in making flower bouquets, growing food, testing new indulgent recipes made from homegrown whole foods from our farm, trying out craft projects or learning new homstead skills like making cheese.

It is a day that I have real conversations with creative people around a farm table of good food.


It is also a day I engage my deepest values of sustainability, diy, connection, community, and standing for my beliefs that…

….each of us creates the world we want to live in through how we live our life,


…. creative, connected, and happy people will solve the worlds problems


….connection comes through co-creation.


And lastly it is a day I do what I am really good at: creating beautiful spaces and deep experiences that change our mind sets more effectively than any phone coaching session or hour on the therapy couch ever could.


This is what MY Bold Life Project looks like….this is how all values, strengths and passions became tangible in a committed project. But now I want to support others in dreaming up there own unique Bold Life Project that gives structure, momentum, and clarity to something they want to stand for in how they live their life.  


I’d like to open up my calendar to anyone who would like to connect with me…


A free brainstorming session to talk about YOUR bold life project.

It could be as big as selling all your stuff and moving into a tiny home, quitting your job to travel the world, starting a non-profit garden in your neighborhood, becoming an entrepreneur, or buying land to homestead. Or it could be as small as committing to no-technology at the dinner table, challenging yourself to try a new recipe or meditate everyday for a month, experimenting with true authenticity in your business, or trying out eating local or going trash-free.

Big or small, momentum is created when we commit to a tangible project that embodies our values….momentum that can be turned into the next project…a book, a blog, a way to make income, a community movement, etc.

All are welcome….. Families, bloggers, coaches, farmers, writers, artists, chefs, crafters, tiny-house-livers or wanna-be-livers, homesteaders, travelling nomads, 9-5 ‘ers, at-home mamas….

…and you are welcome at any stage of “I’m just fed up but don’t know what the alternative is”, “I have an idea”, “I need structure” , “I want momentum”, “I am doubting myself”, “I am terrified”, “I don’t know how to make it happen”, “I just want someone to witness me, bounce around some ideas or jump in the trenches of creation with me”.

Or anything in between.


Enter your name and email below and I will send you a link to my calendar.




I deeply believe in the power of connecting and having real conversations. If you do too, share this post!


Let’s see how many Bold Life brainstorming sessions we can make happen this week!



From our family to yours,

Tessa Chittle

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