The Conscious Consumption Challenge

Conscious Consumption Challenge

All around us people are making & breaking their New Year’s Resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more, spend less.

Although I long ago shifted away from coaching around healthy food and emotional eating, the struggle, guilt, and self hatred I see expressed in so many “Resolutions”, calls out to my heart to create a new space and method for creating shifts in our food, body, spending and other actions that step outside the box of diets, budgets, willpower, and self imposed rules in all other forms.

I have found that the only effective way for me to permanently shift a pattern in my life is to connect my actions into a deeper alignment with my values & the world I want to create with how I live my life.

How we eat, how we spend our dollars, & how we spend our time are the most powerful ways we vote for the world we want to create.

And this fact, when we internalize it deeply, can be a very powerful motivator to naturally shift our eating and spending patterns without the typical focus on restriction, body hatred, guilt, diets, budgets, or all the normal tools that usually only last a few weeks after the new year.

A motivator, for some of us, much more powerful then a bikini, size 6 jeans, or new fancy car at the end of the year.

For example…

When you focus on losing weight, restricting food, cooking more, or setting other rules for yourself, willpower becomes what you rely on….and it runs out. When instead you dive deep into your food values & recognize the impact your food choices have on the larger planet, it no longer seems like a treat to sit and eat a pint of “frozen dairy dessert” as they call most “ice creams” today.….treat yourself to ice-cream simulating chemicals and a dose of a gas guzzling food system I don’t believe in?  No thank you!

Or let’s say you have have a bit of spending issue. You feel that dopamine rush & all of a sudden everything in the store is a “need” that gets thrown in the cart … or you realize a good portion of your income is going to fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks. If you want to shift a spending pattern, setting rules & budgets is going to feel like torture because under your current set of beliefs you get pleasure from this shopping experience or getting that coffee “treat”. You will feel deprived. However, if you take time to assess your values & realize that how you spend your dollars is one of the biggest ways you can vote for the world you want to live in, you will naturally start finding pleasure in a more aligned spending pattern without force or willpower.

I would like to offer this idea for turning your RESOLUTIONS into REVOLUTIONS: make them sustainable in your life without willpower by connecting them to how your actions impact the larger world.

This is an approach I have been using in my own life specifically to overcome a lifetime of food issues/dieting and shifting that craving to throw pretty things into my shopping cart that I don’t need or spending a small fortune on fancy coffee drinks to “treat myself”.

And so I’d like to share it with others.


The Conscious Consumption Challenge:

a month to eat, spend, &  live by your values to create both the life (diet, home, body, budget) AND the world you want to live in”.

I am interested in taking on a few special clients who want to spend the next month engaged in their own personally guided Conscious Consumption Challenge as a better way than the typical New Year’s Resolution to shift your eating habits, weight, or spending patterns through taking a stand for the world you want to live in.

This will be a month of private coaching and email support plus, if enough people sign up, I will include a bonus group component including a private facebook page group phone call to get us all talking about how we are using the daily actions of our lives to stand for the world we want to create.

Seriously ladies, let’s come together to shift the conversation from “ I need to fit into my size 6 jeans” to “I want the way I eat (and spend) each day to reflect the world and life I want to create and I want to feel the peace that alignment brings”.

Together as a group we will use The Conscious Consumption Challenge as an intentional space to shift our beliefs towards a permanent change in our physical & mental cravings rather than having the changes we want to see in our lives rely on the unsustainable resource of willpower.

When you go through the Conscious Consumption Method, your food and spending choices become aligned without willpower, restriction, or internal conflict. We find pleasure not deprivation in our new eating and spending patterns.

It is a freeing experience.

And the bonus to this whole concept of The Conscious Consumption method of “dieting” and “budgeting”?  When we are living in deeper alignment with our values, that empty place that craves being filled with food and commercial items is already filled up with a deep sense of peace with our day to day experience.

If you are interested in learning more about joining in on this challenge, just click on the picture below to go straight to my online calendar where you can book a free phone chat with me as the first step in applying to this intimate and individualized program.

Maybe it will become the new fad ….The Conscious Consumption Diet, if you like…..without the “dieting” part.

Oh yes, cheers to no more dieting….ever  🙂

Tessa Chittle

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